Friday, February 26, 2010

Sonogram Day

Today is sonogram day and I am pretty pumped. My appointment is at 10 am. I will be dropping the kids off at a dear friend of the family's house. She watched Taylynn when I had all my appointments during the pregnancy with Preston and now, she is sweet enough to take on two at once. We are blessed to have her.

Aaron will be meeting me at the Dr. We talked about having Taylynn and Preston with us, but decided we better not. They would be too distracting and probably not care much about what they would see on the screen.

I was up at 5:30 this morning because I couldn't sleep, now I am tired and wish I would have tried harder. Oh well, I'll take a nap today.

Once I am home I'll scan a picture for you to see, but I can't tell you the sex yet. I have to wait until after our gender party to spill the beans.

Speaking of the gender party, look at these cute invites I made:

We are really excited to just have our friends over and play some games and just spend time together. God has blessed us with some GREAT friends and we are excited to celebrate this time with them.

If your not doing much around 10, say a little prayer for us and our little baby.


  1. Well I am a terrible blog friend. I just got on your blog after a long while obviously and didn't know you were PREGNANT!!! Congrats!!! and now I want to know what it is!!!! So exciting!!

  2. What a cute little family you have! Will definitely be thinking of you this morning. Hope all goes well!


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    I'd love to see some of your child's artwork!

  3. Well, I just stopped in at the right time. You are probably just getting settled into your appt. I did say a little prayer for you all. What an amazing time in life!

  4. Yay! I'm so excited to find out! Every thing is going to be fine, said a little prayer! A gender party will be so much fun, too.