Monday, February 1, 2010

Art Lab

Last Friday Aaron had the day off so we took the kids is Washburn University's Art Lab, it is a free program for children and it was awesome.
We met Keri, Adien and Kieren there. The kids had a great time and played for a couple hours.

After we walked through Washburn's Union, it brought back so many memories. The dorms were I lived are connected to the union and that is where Aaron and I would me between classes our Freshman year. What a great year!

Also looking back, our first date was that year and we went to John Mayer concert, well John is coming to Kansas City in March and I want to go so bad. The tickets are outrageous, but it is worth it. Well, at least to me, I am trying to talk Aaron into it. Valentine's Day and my birthday are both coming up, that would be a great gift. (Yes, Aaron reads this blog, so he is getting this hint loud and clear, ha)


  1. What a great activity for the family!!! I am always so impressed at the wonderful things in which you expose the children. They are indeed blessed to have such wonderful parents!
    Love to all. Sure do miss you!

  2. Looks like the a great place to take kids. Bonus... it was free!!!

    Hope you get those tickets!