Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 40th Anniversary

My Parents have been married for 40 years today. WOW! They have set such a great example for Aaron and I. I wish we could be there to celebrate with them.
They have had what seems like a great marriage and I hope Aaron and I will make it as long as they have. God is the most important part of their lives and I think that has made a huge difference. After 4 years I can tell marriage is work, so after 40 I can only imagine it is a lot of work.
I am proud of my parents and I love them so much. Happy Anniversary!

1 Timothy 1:5
Whereas the object and purpose of our
instruction and charge is love,
which springs from a pure heart and a good
conscience and sincere faith.

Here are my parents along with my dad's family. My dad is on the left and he is holding hands with my mom.


  1. That is so cool. We hit the 27 year marker last September. Time flies when you're in love.

  2. My parents will hit 35 years later this year... I think it's incredible to have such a great example of love and commitment to look up to. Congrats to your family!

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