Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got some bedding......

I finally got some bedding for Preston. I thought this was really cute and would look great his room. It was clearance too! The only downfall was no shams were available. I am hoping ebay will list some soon, but until then I order these pillow cases from a different line, which I think will match every well.

I will still be looking for some animal pillows, so if you see anything let me know!

I am super excited!


My sister who is 13 weeks found out what she is having today, yes very early, but she had an internal sonogram so they were able to tell the sex this early. I won't spill the beans just yet, but it's exciting.


It's my birthday I am 27 today! And I am getting spoiled by friends today! I LOVE IT!

It's my brothers birthday as well. No we aren't twins, but we share a birthday 5 years apart, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Aaron and I just bought this bed for Preston in a queen and I cannot find any bedding. Where else do I look other than Pottery Barn, Land of Nod and Department stores? His room is already green and Brown.

So where do I look? I have looked all the places I can think of, but I am hoping someone has a secret place to buy children's bedding, so help....PLEASE

Sunday recap

Sunday was also a busy day. We went to church, where I took these pictures:
It is hard to take a normal picture anymore, but they turn out pretty funny.

Sunday was baby dedications at our church, I think 9 children were dedicated. Baby Abe was one of them, so we celebrated with his family.
That evening we went bowling with our youth group. You could see Preston doing this:

And Taylynn doing this:

She had NO interest in bowling, she just wanted to hang out with the girls.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday recap

This Saturday we started the day off with sugar rush. We went to our church's Easter Egg Hunt and ended up with way too much candy. Taylynn and Preston had a GREAT time.

Yes, I made them stop and lay in the eggs for a photo shoot.
Can you believe this was our bag of candy? The good news is I hadn't bought the candy for the hunt on Easter, so I am going to reuse it, why not?

That night we went to a surprise 30th Birthday party for Alicia a friend in our life group. Her husband threw an amazing party for her. He had people Skype in and give her Birthday wishes, along with her old singing group back together with a surprise performance, photo slide shows, a reception after with food and cake and even a play area for the kids. He gave our husbands a lot to live up to. And Aaron only has two days left before my birthday. It's not my 30th though, I'll be 27, so he is off the hook.
Here is a picture of the birthday girl and I.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring a-ling-ling

The spring bell has rung.......finally!

We spent almost all day outside, on Tuesday, it was wonderful.

Taylynn is great at riding her trike. She rode it all the way to her friend Aiden's house. It is time to get her something new, but I am not sure if she is ready for a big girl bike yet.

Preston will be learning to ride this summer, so we need two bike/trikes anyway. He does have a birthday coming up soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

23 weeks!

Today I am 23 weeks. I was feeling pretty good until this horrible back pain.
Alayna is moving a lot and seems to be awake when I am. I hope she is sleeping when I am.
I have gained 10 pounds and it seems to be mostly in my belly. She should be around a pound by now and about 11 inches long.
Taylynn and Preston both call her Layna and know that she is a baby girl, but I don't think they have a clue. I am excited for them to meet her. Taylynn has already been giving her love.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John Mayer

Last night Aaron and I went to see John Mayer in concert. I LOVE LOVE his music. I was introduced to his music in 1999 before he had made a studio album. It was so awesome to see him grow into such a big artist. His first concert I went to was a little gig in Lawrence, KS in April 2002. Although I have been to his other concerts it was pretty amazing to compare the difference 8 years has made.
The concert in Lawrence in 2002 was Aaron and I's first date. I remember so much from that night. What I was wearing, how my hair looked, where we parked. Silly things, but it was one of the most important days. I knew that I loved this guy and that it was about to be the start of the rest of my life. I wasn't positive he was the one, but I wanted him to be :)
Anyway it was a great concert and I had a chair to sit in which beats all those outdoor concerts I have been to.Aaron, Thank you for a wonderful night. It is amazing what 8 years has done for us. I love you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Backpain, Fondue, Friends

This weekend was a stay at home weekend with lots if snow on the first day of spring. The good news is, it's almost all melted.
I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in back pain. I am feeling better today, so far. I must say this has been my most painful pregnancy so far. I have heard that the more kids you have the more you get aches and pains. IT'S TRUE!
Even though I had horrible back pain on Saturday, it was a great day. We spent time as a family just relaxing and having fun. Our friends Ryan and Jill invited us over for dinner and dessert that night. We had cheese and chocolate fondue, my favorite! The kids had a great time too.
Once one took their shirt off they all had their shirts off.
And once one was tired, they all were tired (this only lasted a minute).
We watched the KU game then played some Wii games. We are so lucky to have such great friends, and for them to live right across the street.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kansas City

Yesterday we had a girls trip to Kansas City and it was wonderful. The weather was a PERFECT 64 degrees. We went to an outdoor shopping outlet mall so nice weather was required.
Our main reason for going was to get some shoes at Stride Rite. It is friends and family, so since Aaron works for them we get 30% on top of already outlet prices. I usually walk out of there with shoes, but this time I didn't find anything. However, Kim and Keri each got two pairs for their little ones.
It was also Friends and Family for Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap. I wouldn't have known this if it wasn't for a sweet neighbor friend who called before I left to make sure I had a coupon. Thanks Beth, you'd saved me so much.
We shopped for a bit then went to eat a T-Rex Cafe.
We had never gone because Taylynn never wanted too. She was too scared. We took a risk this time, she did great, but Preston was unsure. It was so neat in there and the kids enjoyed it. Preston sat in my lap a little bit when he got scared, but we were sitting by a moving Triceratops, who wouldn't get scared?

The whole gang.
All the kids, way to distracted to look at the camera.
Off and on Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Kim!

This is Kim and her little baby Carter. She is also pregnant and due in September. She is such a blessing to me and I just wanted to wish her a happy 27th birthday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cleaning tips

Kelly is doing a Show us your Life for Cleaning tips. We could all uses some tips.

I am the kinda of girl that is busy all day then really starts cleaning around 4:00 and the kids say "yeah daddy is coming home soon". They know my schedule, Ha!

I am quick to do things, and sometimes I time my self. I'll set the microwave timer for 10 minutes and see how much I can get done. I do this so I stay on track, because with two kids I get easily distracted.

Ok so for almost any hard surface I use Pine- sol. I LOVE the smell. I fill my sink with steaming hot water and add a bit of the cleaner. I use a towel and clean the counters, table, cabinets, and inside/outside the fridge.

I buy this huge bottle at Sams club to make it last a while.

My other tip is dusting, I have a swifter dust brush, but what I find works even better is the Scotch Brite dry sweeping cloths for the floor. I got them first as a sample, but I couldn't use it how I was supposed to because you have to have their stick to attach it to. I thought it would pick up my dust and it does, and it works GREAT!

I am excited to get some more quick and easy tips!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


One of Aaron's birthday celebrations was going to a hockey game. I realize now I didn't get many pictures, but I can tell you what the kids looked like. For the first hour Taylynn had her fingers in her ears because she thought it was too loud. Preston was trying to escape so he could walk up and down the stairs. Lets just say I have not clue what happened in the game, I was keeping them entertained. I did manage to get a yummy hot dog and coke.

It was a fun night, Taylynn even got the spotlight put on her while she was dancing to the music. So cute!