Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's your turn!

The gender party is over and it was great.
Here is a recap of the night in pictures:

I had fun doing decorations. I made pom poms and pinwheels and of course labels!
Notice even the glasses were labels. I think I am going label crazy!
Before anything I made everyone pick whether they thought we were having a boy or girl by wearing a pacifier necklace.Baby Girl Picks

Boy picks
WOW! Was it one sided.

We enjoyed time together talking and eating some of this fabulous food. Everyone brought something, so it was a feast.

Playing pictionary
We played a couple of games, one of which included unscrambling letters to give away if we were having a boy or girl. We were already in teams of two so the teams went at it to try to beat each other.

So if you want to know this weekend it what were having you can give it a try. Three words, first word has 6 letters, second word has 4 and the third has 6! Good luck and let me know if you can guess!
All the words are scrambled together, but here is a hint:

L _ _ _ _ _

M _ _ _

M _ _ _ _ _


  1. Fustle Emit MLifts??


  2. flutes time/item something..
    I'm saying girl!

  3. Fustle Etim Smiftl.

    Oh, not fair but I guess is a boy!!

  4. yes! been blogging since i entered graduate school as a way to document my experiences.

    i still say boy. ;)

    btw, i enjoy and love and admire all of your creativity.

  5. Little miss muffet! Congratulations! haha

  6. Oh you can use all the letters...I was using the letters only in the line..well, jeeze!!! Congrats!!!!

  7. What a great party. I am guessing a girl!

  8. Okay, its a girl??? :) COngrats!!

  9. What? All that and you still didn't tell us?

    I am totally not good at puzzles. Spill the beans!