Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Aaron and I just bought this bed for Preston in a queen and I cannot find any bedding. Where else do I look other than Pottery Barn, Land of Nod and Department stores? His room is already green and Brown.

So where do I look? I have looked all the places I can think of, but I am hoping someone has a secret place to buy children's bedding, so help....PLEASE


  1. I would love to have an answer to that question too. When it comes to my boys, I can never think outside of my Pottery Barn Kids "box." Where all did you look for beds at? My youngest, Garrett, is ready to move to a twin and I haven't found anything I just love without spending tons.
    Also, to answer your question about keeping Garrett from falling out of his bed. When he was 18 months, he climbed out of his crib....so we were forced to convert his bed to a toddler bed. He did fall out of his toddler bed some, but because it was so low to the floor - the fall was soft and he would actually stay asleep after he fell. It didn't happen too many times though!

  2. Maybe instead of looking for children bedding you could just go with solid colors that coordinate with the walls and then accessorize with fun kiddie stuff. So maybe get brown and green bedding and then get monkey pillows, etc. Just a thought. JCPennies online has some cute queen size sets that might work also. Good luck!

  3. I found your blog, just blog hopping around and I love it! I love Pottery Barn but I have also found cute, affotable bedding at thecompanystore.com you could also pick your own fabric and have someone make it....that does get a little pricey though. Good luck!