Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Water Gun Fight

Sometimes it's good to have a fight and get it all out! 
We had our first ever family water gun fight and it was so fun and really funny. I love this picture of Alayna's fast little feet.
 I had the camera, but I was still in attack mode.

This is going to have to be an annual thing and next year Chandler can play too!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tea and dress up

We spent some time with our neighbors this morning while the weather was cooler. We had a tea party and brought out some vintage costumes for the girls to dress up in.

Life is nice with a little sugar and spice!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Curtains

We painted the girl's room a light blue and since it muted 
the room down I wanted to add a kick of fun fabrics.
I need to add that I am not a sewer. I can do it by hand and I know it would have been a faster process, but I can't do it!

So let me tell you what I did:

I bought 50% of the fabrics from stores, but I got the other 50% 
from garage sales. I was really excited to use vintage fabric.

I also already had two panels of blackout curtains and my
 plan was to cover both panels, but it would have taken too long.

I used wonder under, a fusible webbing. You can buy this at the
fabric store and you iron it so it can adhere to the fabric. This isn't a
quick and easy process!!!!

So I started at the bottom and just began adding fabric and working my way up the panel. I added trim pieces to spice it up and even used a real measuring tape which I glued on. I added a bunting and used the wonder under on that too.

I used old clothes pins to hold it up when I want
 natural light, this adds a unique element.

Like I said it took me hours to do and I won't do it again, but it looks great :)                                                                   

Monday, July 16, 2012

Metal Cabinet

I found this metal cabinet for eight dollars at a garage sale last week. 

I loved it, but I knew I could love it even more!

It just took some cleaning and some spray paint. Then I sanded it down. Took me less than an hour, not including the over night drying before I sanded.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alayna's Birthday events

Alayna's birthday was a busy day around here.
We went to the donut shop for breakfast, picked up a new fish, got some red balloons, and got some pizzas then headed home. We had some friends over to have a little celebration, but nothing big.

After naps we made some cow costumes for Chick-fil-a's cow appreciation night where you get a free meal if you dress like a cow.

After dinner we had our last night at VBS

I wanted to do one more thing special for Alayna's birthday so I thought it would be fun to let her stay up past dark and have a late night swim. I filled the pool with glow sticks and invited some of Alayna's friends over. They had a blast and I think it was a great ending to the evening. 

Alayna you had a great day, I love getting to have one day where you can be totally spoiled and it's ok! Happy Birthday!!!!