Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth of July

Preston has been waiting for this day FOREVER! It is his very favorite holiday, just because of the fireworks alone. We don't buy much, but one of these days he is going to want us too. We did go to the firework stand three times and let him buy some little things, but he loves the big fireworks our neighbors buy.

We started off the morning with a breakfast at our house, I guess the rumor is a reporter from the paper stopped by, but we were already cleaning things up.

After breakfast all the children went from house to house and played. I painted all the girls nails.....that was a lot of toes! As we enjoy the freedom in our country the children enjoyed the freedom on this one day to roam from house to house. They had a blast!

We played hard all day and around 6 we had dinner and began the fireworks and we went until midnight. Alayna asked to go to bed around 8, she isn't into the loud noise. And Chandler didn't mind it, but he was tired so he went to bed too.
I didn't take lots of pictures, but enough to capture special moments from the day:



We made some great memories I hope to never forget.

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  1. Your vintage-Americana cookout looked so fun. I am loving your drink cart, lady!

    Great pictures.