Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show us your life

Show us your life tour- This week is wedding party and flowers. Check it out at Kelly's Korner.

Lets start with the wedding party. We kept it small as far as the bridesmaid and groomsmen went I had my sister as a maid of honor and my best friend Lindsey as my bridesmaid. Aaron's two brothers were supposed to be standing next to him, but his old brother Ryan was in the navy and couldn't be there. So Jason his brother was his best man and his Dad was the groomsman.
Aaron's niece Alyssa was the flower girl and Nicolas, a coworker of mine grandson was the ring bearer.

Here are the girls prepping my dad for the big day, Ha!
Here we are joined with my bridal assistant Kim, who you can only see the back of her head. We were trying to pass the time.We are here unloading the car right as Ginger's
car gets hit by someone backing out.Now all dolled up

Here is one with the guys too
My brother on the far left was an usher along with my two cousins Joe and James, who are on the right side.

Here are a couple from the wedding ceremony

This is my favorite. We were praying right before
we lit the unity candle, it was just a precious moment to us.
Here you see the flower girl and ring bearer sitting. Nicolas the ring bearer has Muscular Dystrophy and can not longer walk. He could walk during our wedding, but he didn't have the ability to stand for a long period of time.
One picture I found of my dress, that I LOVE!

Ok on to flowers............ I was very particular about my flowers. It was December and I was doing black, ivory and red for colors. I just did not want anything to look Christmasy. They kinda did, but still looked pretty.

We had these on the ends of the pews.

Their was one big problem though. I wanted a antique looking bouquet with a mix of colors, light colors. I said no cala lilles or berries. I really wanted lily of the valley though.

This is what I got:
I had only two three kinds of flowers, roses, CALA LILES, and lily of the valley.
I hated it. The part that made me most upset and mad, was that they used artificial lily of the valley, those are the little flowers that look like bells hanging off the stem.
Ginger ran to a local grocer and bought a bouquet of flowers and made this......
So much better. The bad thing is Aaron still had to pay $15o for my bouquet we ripped apart. I have and never will go back to that florist.

It was a great day no matter what.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VBS- Boomerang Express

Today was our last night of VBS. We had an awesome week with the third and fourth graders. Aaron and I were both teachers and we had a class of 10 kiddos. I only have a few pictures, and somehow my kids are in most of them.
Our kids are the ones in green

Taylynn and Preston are too young for VBS, but they still had a good time with some of the youth girls. They would get so tired around one o'clock, but they made it until 9pm then got a second wind everynight after we picked them. We will be working on getting them back into a bedtime routine the rest of the week.

The kids in our group were so sweet and we were so proud of them. We had five children who are in the midest of talking with their parents and praying about becoming a new believers. I feel like we did teach them something, but the truth is they thought me something. They are so brave to talk about God and not shy to mention Jesus to their friends. I love their honesty and looking at the view from their little eyes.

I lead third and fourth grade in AWANA and I hope all the VBS kids come back in the fall. We had some new faces and I hope we made an impact to where they will want to come back. I know I did for one little girl, after the first night she came back with a drawing for me saying I was her favorite teacher. It made my day.

Working with children has always been something I enjoy, but it has been harder since we now have our own children. I feel God has lead me to work with our youth group and I am so excited. We are going to meet with the youth and leaders on Sunday and hopefully find a good place to fit in. I'll let you know.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Hop Children pictures


Blog Hop......favorite children pictures.

MckLinky Blog Hop

This one is hard for me because I love all my pictures, but here is one of Taylynn when she was 22 months and wondering through the corn maze.
This is Preston when he was 8 months. He loves wearing things on his head.
And this is one of them together enjoying a book.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


It is time to announce the winner of the bow giveaway!!!!!


Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-07-25 12:34:44 UTC

.Jillian, you are the winner of 5 handmade bows!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding dresses.......

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Show us your dress!!
Awww... I love everything about weddings. This week Kelly is doing a tour on wedding dresses and I am so excited!!!!!

My dress was wonderful and so ME. It was Mocha and Ivory and BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't afford the tag price so we ask to buy the size 10 that was on the rack for less. They were happy to help us out and I was so lucky to have a friend who tour that dress apart to make it into a size 4. Thank you Ginger, I will forever be grateful.

I got married in December. My colors were Black and Ivory with a touch of red. Here are a few pictures.

I can't wait to look at your pictures. Like I said I LOVE wedding dresses.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kansas City

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Last weekend (yes I know it is Friday, I have been too busy) we went to Kansas City for a fun day. We needed to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart for some shopping and also to get Taylynn's hair cut. It turned out to be such a nice day.
We love to eat at Culver's, they have great good and great ice cream.

We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look for
fans for the kids rooms, but no luck. We still had fun.
This was Taylynns second hair cut. We go to a place in KC
called Sheer Madness. It is sooo adorable.
She really was happy, she just doesn't look like it.
Zona Rosa is the shopping center of Taylynns
salon, so we did some fun shopping. And took some good pictures too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls just want to have FUN!!!!!

Every Monday for the past 3 years my two best friends and I have gotten together to spend time together. If the Bachelorette/Bachelor is on we watch that, otherwise we play mahjong.

Lindsey has been a great friend for years, actually since we were in 4th grade. Her family lived right around the corner from me. Her sister, Keri now lives in my neighborhood and our children are play buddies. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends.

This is last Monday. Lindsey on the left holding
Kieren (Keri's son), me, Keri and Aiden.
Just the girls

Yummy food!
Only one more week of the Bachelorette. What is going to happen??????

Monday, July 20, 2009

20 questions

I got a 20 questuon survey from facebook, but thought it would be more fun to put on here since most of you are moms yourself. Copy and put on your blog. It is a great way to get to know each other.

How old were you when your first child was born?


What month and year was your youngest child born?
April 2008

How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant?
Excited, but I felt bad for Taylynn. She was 8 months when I found out.

Who did you tell first?
Aaron, my husband

How many pounds did you gain during your first pregnancy?
70, and that is no joke.

What did you crave while you were pregnant?
Diet Coke, but I always crave that.

Did you find out the gender of your first child? Why or why not?
Yes, i wanted a girl so bad that I figured I better find out in case it was a boy. Plus I needed the time to decorate the nursery.

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
No, not during the pregnancy. The labor is a different story.

How much did your first child weigh?
9.2 pounds

Was your first child early, late, or on time?
Two weeks early- I had an elective induction and I wouldn't recommend
it to anyone.

What is the most difficult challenge or health issue that any of your children have faced?
Taylynn had trouble breathing her first few minutes of life, it was scary. Everything turned out fine though.

What's your favorite part of being a mom?
Staying home and learning about the child God gave me. Letting them teach me to be a better person.

Do you think it's easier to be a mom or a dad?
Mom, I guess it depends on which way you look at it. I see it has Aaron has the role to supporting all of us and I think that is a lot of pressure. Physically it is hard on a mom with the restless nights and breastfeeding. Thank goodness I am done with the those two for now.
What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone who is about to have their first child?

Let your mommy instincts take place. They will help you push that baby out, get up every two hours and live life for month with no sleep.

Did you always think you'd have kids?
Yes, that is something I pray just as hard for when I was also praying to meet a very special man.

What's been the biggest surprise about motherhood?
I am most surprised about the love I have for these two babies.
I learn more from my children than I ever thought I would. They have made me a better person now that I know they are watching me.

Are there things you miss about life before kids?
Oh yes. Water skiing, freedom with time, a clean house and the list goes on.........

How many children do you have?
Taylynn who will be three in December
Preston who is 16 month

Do you plan to have any more children?
If God provides them we will take them, we defiantly want one more, maybe two.

Who's the mom that you admire most?
My mom, she did a great job with me and she is a wonderful grandmother.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bow Giveaway!

A gift from me to you!

I am doing my first giveaway. I have just began making my own bows and I made 5 for one lucky winner.

All you need to do is leave me a comment.

Extra entries:

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I will take entries until next Friday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Children's Birthday Parties

Kelly is hosting Children Party Ideas this week,
go to her blog and get some great ideas!

I Loved planing my babies 1st birthdays, it was such a big milestone and our family was ready to celebrate. For Taylynn's first birthday we just stuck with colors rather than a theme. Here are a few pictures:
I made the invitations because I just couldn't find anything cute enough to buy.

I made her birthday hat, which matched perfectly with her birthday dress and tights.
Taylynns Birthday cake!
This is everyone else cake to eat. My first fondant cake. YIKES!

Preston's birthday was in April, the beginning of spring so I thought we'd do a fish party. I made the invitations, aren't they so cute.

Cake and cookies I made into little fishies

I love birthday parties and look forward to many more.

Taylynn's second birthday party just a couple pictures