Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taylynn's Party Part 5

Today I just worked on some glittery projects. It is better to do it all at once and then clean up rather than work on things here and there and cleaning up a million times. The glitter I like to use is the real fine glitter so it is hard to clean.

I made the name plates for the girls so they know where to sit at the table. I thought I would just use my clear plates and decorate under them. I used a fine glue pen, wrote the names and covered with glitter.

After the girls eat I will use the name plate for the back of their wands they will make.
These wands just include a lot of layers. I wanted one layer to have a fun embellishment added to it. I used cupcake liner and cut it up and them glued it on.

I also bought a wooden number five at Hobby Lobby and made it all glitter with painters tape and spray adhesive.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Card

For our Christmas card photo I wanted something different so I went with a manger scene since we had a baby to play the role of Jesus.
This was all last minute so I had to use things around the house to create the background and costumes. Let's just say it's a good thing I have lots of fabric around the house.

I had to kill a pillow to make Alayna's angel wings and I used Taylynn's baby mobile for the halo. You won't see the halo much because this angel thought it looked better on the ground rather than her head :)

I took lots of picture (you'll see all the outtakes in the next post) and this is the one I liked best.

I always do postcards because it's almost half the price to send them and I get them for free from I ordered them along with their black friday sale so my uploading was free. I got 100 cards for only the price of shipping $6.45 SCORE!!!!!


Friday, November 25, 2011


Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was a beautiful day so we went on an adventure in the woods by us. There are some really cool trails and they remind me so much of my Grandparent's land where I would spend all my Thanksgivings.
Everyone had fun, but Preston couldn't stop smiling, what a great time he had!

Around noon Oma, Alyssa, Jason and Katie came over. We had some wonderful Thanksgiving food, yummy!!!We cleaned up and the kiddos played some games on the wii.

Then we gave the kids a gift, which is a new tradition for us. Every Thanksgiving before baths they get some new Christmas pajamas.
We had some wonderful time with our family
Black Friday we went out and did some shopping, nothing major, but we had a good time getting out.
Alayna was excited with all the adsvThese shirts the girls are wearing I made using the same process as the bags HERE


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taylynn's Party part 4 Favor Bags

For the party favors we will have lots of little things so I wanted cute bags to put their goodies in. I made these bags for the girls.

They are pretty easy to make. You will need a canvas tote, doily, paint (I used house paint, but fabric paint is best), spray adhesive, freezer paper, iron, xacto knife and sponge brush.

You will start by spraying adhesive onto the doily and place on your bag.

With your sponge brush paint over the doily and on the rim of the doily.

Slowly remove the doily.
Trace your initial onto your freezer paper. wax side down and with an xacto knife cut out your initial.

Then with a hot iron and freezer paper wax side down, iron the paper until it sealed on your bag.

You can then paint your letter and peel off the paper