Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taylynn's Party part 4 Favor Bags

For the party favors we will have lots of little things so I wanted cute bags to put their goodies in. I made these bags for the girls.

They are pretty easy to make. You will need a canvas tote, doily, paint (I used house paint, but fabric paint is best), spray adhesive, freezer paper, iron, xacto knife and sponge brush.

You will start by spraying adhesive onto the doily and place on your bag.

With your sponge brush paint over the doily and on the rim of the doily.

Slowly remove the doily.
Trace your initial onto your freezer paper. wax side down and with an xacto knife cut out your initial.

Then with a hot iron and freezer paper wax side down, iron the paper until it sealed on your bag.

You can then paint your letter and peel off the paper



  1. Oh my goodness, soooo stinkin' cute!!!!

  2. AWESOME! What font/size did you use for the letter initials?

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