Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This weekend we went to a BBQ to celebrate my friend Jessie's Birthday. She turns 25 TODAY!!!
So Jessie, this post is for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I think all the little kids thought it was their birthday, ha!

Kids having fun. Notice the bunny being tossed in the air.

These are the flowers I got for her.
Just a cute picture.

Have a great day Jessie!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get your umbrella out!

Kelly is hosting Show us your Life and today is bridal showers
Oh, looking back to my wedding reminds me of such good times. I was getting married, I was just around the corner from finishing school (two weeks before the wedding) and I had lots of parties!!!!I was honestly so spoiled and I'll probably never be that spoiled again. I wish I could go back and take more pictures of all the before events.
Ok lets get to showers. I had six showers, yes you heard me, six. And no I am not going to talk about all six. All of my showers were wonderful and fun. Here is just a short run through of the showers.
Lingerie Shower
Church Shower
Linda Folster Shower- great friend of the family
Cindy Schram Shower- One of my mom's good friends
Dinner party with the breakfast club
Mexican dinner shower- held at a Mexican restaurant

I am going to tell you about the Lingerie Shower first. A great friend of the family held a shower at her house. This was a a shower unlike any other I had been to. I went a month before and did a registry at Victoria Secrets and had the most fun registering there than anywhere. The girls were not limited to Victoria Secrets, but if anything they could go their and at lest get my sizes.I invited most of my close friends. I kept the crowd pretty young because I didn't know what all I was going to receive. We had a great time. Aaron had been asked questions before hand and as I was opening presents each girl had to ask me a question. As I remember I did pretty good.I regret not getting a group picture.
Now that I am blogging I am much more aware of taking pictures.
Here are a few pictures from the shower.
Yes, I was embarrassed.

The other shower I want to talk about was the dinner party with the breakfast club. The breakfast club was a group a people that would come into the coffee shop I worked at on a regular basis. It was a group of about 12 people. We became great friends while I was working at the coffee shop.Once I got engaged they decide to throw a party, really I think it was just a good excuse, ha! This wasn't like a normal shower, the guys got to come and their were no games. Just mingling and fun. The breakfast club really went all out. The food was catered by my boss at the coffee shop, flowers were brought in. It was a wonderful night of family and friends. My grandparents were even in town from Louisiana and got to come.
Oh one thing that was fun/awkward at the shower. One of the "club" members, Dr. Steven Crouch was asked to sing us a song. He has a beautiful voice and sounded great, but Aaron and I were told we had to only look at each other. This made it very awkward and all I remember thinking while he was singing was, is he done was a 5 minutes song. I wish I remembered what song he sang. I have NO pictures and I am so mad at myself about this. I do have a great memory of it though.

Showers are fun, if I could give any tip I would say bring in the brides personality and have fun with, remember it is a party!

Labels are up and ready for you to order. 30 labels for $9.99. Go here!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Finally my new ETSY item is finished and now posted. This has been a long process and I am so thankful to be done. Now I just need some orders.

Ta dah! Waterproof personalized labels! Go here to see my store. These are great for sippy cups and bottles, but they can be used for anything. The best part is they can be used in the dishwasher. I am not sure what daycares do, but I think this would be great to keep things organized. I think teachers would use them a lot too. You get 30 labels for only $10. A great deal right? Ok thats my sales pitch, ha! Not a sales woman here.

I spent a few weeks testing out paper to find the right kind and I finally got it. Once I started printing I realized it was going to be harder than I thought. Nothing was lining up and the colors weren't coming out right.

I have spent hours at Kinkos using their printer and I plan to be back a couple times a week once orders start rolling in. So if you know anyone who cold use something like this please spread. the word.

I'll be doing a giveaway soon, so come back!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Shoes

This weekend we did some Kansas City shopping to try and find Preston a new pair of shoes and some new clothes. For new walkers I always thought Stride Rites shoes are the best, but they don't always have what I am looking for,
Since are works for Collective Brands (otherwise known as Payless Shoes) we get a 20% discount at Stride Rite stores, even the outlet stores. If you go into a Stride Rite store you'll most likely spend about $50 on a pair of boys shoes. I bought Preston's shoes for $28 including tax.

Presotn loves shoes, he even loves womens heels. Ha! I always struggled with Taylynn, she hated it when I tried shoes on her, but Preston gets excited and stickes his foot out for me. I guess shoes are his fancy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Morning to Sunday Night

This weekend I bought a dress I had been waiting a mark down and it was finally a great price. This dress was originally $70 and I got it for $17. I didn't realize all that I could do with this dress until I had it at my house and tried different ways to wear it. Here is the dress alone.

On Sunday before church I added my own touch because it just needed a little something. It defiantly didn't fit me as well as the model above. Ha! I added a tie around the waist to give the dress some shape

So I am not a big fan on changing clothes during the day. I usually get dressed once and stay that way until bed. Sundays are hard because we get dressed up for Church, but go casual the rest of the day.

I kept my dress on and threw on some jeans. I tucked the hem of the dress in and ta dah! The dress now looks like a cute shirt. One dress for $17, worn as two completely different pieces.

Friday, August 21, 2009


For those like my husband who probably wonder what the kids and I do during the day, I am filling you in on this week.


I had a meeting at 7am, so I was up and at'em pretty early. I got home around 8:3oam. The weather was pretty rainy and I was tired. Our day ended up in the house pretty much all day. The kids and I basically played. Taylynn has been wanting to go to school, so we play "school" she has a workbook with activites her age and she loves it for about 3 minutes then it is on to the next thing.
Here is the next thing, which was my lip stick, ha!


Not much in the calender for today. We ended up going to Sonic to let the kids play. It was a great day for the kids. Keri, Aiden and Kieren met us out there. Along with Ali and Riley.
I don't many pictures, but I'll show you what I have.
Once we got home the kids took a nap and I watched 27 Dresses, great movie.


I had a lot of errands to run today. We went to Kinkos, Walmart and the post office in the morning. Of course we stopped by Sonic and got some drinks.

By the time we got home the kids were ready for lunch and naps. Once they were down I made a couple tutus.
Aaron's mom was coming over for dinner, so I was busy cooking the rest of the afternoon.


We went to Kinkos and the mall. I brought the kids lunch so they could eat while I pushed them around the stroller. I found some good deals at Macy's and one shirt at Gymboree. I also ran into Tera a friend and her daughter Lille. We let the kids play while we chit chatted. It was a fun day.


I met Ali and Riley, Cyndi and two of her kids Robee and Hudson at the Library.
We love going to see Kyler sing and play his guitar.

Afterwords we went to Johnnie Corinos for lunch. All the kids did really well and we actually had a chance to talk to each other.


Show us where you live Friday!

I love showers and this week Show us tour Life, Kelly is hosting Baby Showers!
I am too tired go go scan pictures of my own baby showers, so I can going to put the last baby shower I threw on here. This was a shower for a Great friend of mine, Kim. She was pregnant with a baby boy named Carter.

I thought this was a pretty darn cute diaper cake.
It was the first I had ever made. Took a while,
but I like how it turned out.
The shower was a luncheon, so we had chicken salad
and meat sandwiches, veggies, fruit, chips and cupcakes
for dessert.
I of course had to make letters for carter's room.
I used them as decoration in the house for her shower.
Here is one of Kim and I. She is a great friend of
mine who is moving back to Topeka in a matter of days.
I am so excited!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Preston loves bathtime and loves to make us laugh. Almost everyday he runs around the house with bunny ears on. I think most of all he wants to hear Taylynn laugh.

The other night during bathtime we had more bubbles than normal, so of course we had to play and have some fun.
Met Preston the bozo clown

And Abe Preston Lincoln

I am working on a new etsy item that I am so excited about. I have spent HOURS AND HOURS working on this. Mainly trial and error and I think I have finally gotten the right balance. I am not going to share too much now, but their will be more to come. I am soooo excited, it going to be great!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ella Ella eh eh eh

I am not sure about where you are, but here it was been a bit rainy. Last friday I bought Taylynn a new umbrella at a garage sale, it was only 10 cents. GREAT deal!
We have already got some use out of it. Plus she loves dancing inside with the umbrella to Rihanna's Umberella song. I know that breaks a huge superstition rule, but so far so good.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Lou!

My best friend Lindsey turned 26 today. Keri (her sister) and I took her to Kansas City for a girls night. Lindsey requested The Drop and it was fabulous.

The drop specializes in their bruschetta. You can pick from about 10 different kids. I never knew their was anything other than mozzarella and tomato bruschetta. I colored the 4 we picked so you can tell.


Brie, apple, balsamic reduction

Smoked sockeye salmon, caper crème, shallot

Strawberry, gorgonzola, walnut

Goat cheese, citrus cranberry compote, browned butter

Sopressatta salami, olive & peppadew tapenade, fontina

Oven-dried tomato, smoked mozzarella, pesto

Prosciutto, roasted garlic, romesco

Fontina, caramelized onion, smoked almond

Carpaccio of beef, porcini crème, dried capers

Goat cheese, fig, pistachio

This was what we had. It was really really good.

We went during happy hour so any drinks or appetizers were half off. We ordered three other apptizers along with the bruschetta.
We had a meat and cheese tray.
imported meats & cheeses with dried fruits,
fresh grapes & cracked pepper crostini

The other appetizers are:

Smoked Sockeye Salmon

dill & shallot butter, goat cheese, honey, grilled baguette


Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes

gorgonzola, bacon & kalamata olive aiol

We did get a couple specialty drinks. Lindsey stuck
with red wine. Keri had a red wine house martini and I had a Bellini

We talked about dessert, but that didn't happen. We had a wonderful time and I think Lindsey had a great birthday. I love you Lindsey!!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Show us your life

This week Kelly is hosting Show us your life, favorite vacation spot.I love going to warm places and relaxing, but I also love going to see family in the south. Most of all my family either lives in Louisiana or Georgia.

This June we went on a trip to Antigua that we won from Regis and Kelly. It was a fabulous trip. And we had a blast.

.This is a picture from our last trip to Atlanta, I have no other pictures because I lost my camera when we got home. We'll be back soon to make some more good memories.

Here are some pictures from our last trip to Lousisana. We went last Thanksgiving with my mom and a wonderful time. I have spent so many of my summers here and I have so many great memories.

My Paw Paw made all of the grandchildren trails in the woods with their own sign and name. Now he has made them for Taylynn and Preston