Monday, August 10, 2009

Who am I?

I have gained a lot of new blogger friends who probably don't know me very well. I thought I would take today's post to let you know more about me.

Over 26 years ago I was born in Snellville, Ga. I don't remember living there, probably because we moved when I was 9 months old to Topeka, KS. I stand in the same place today. With southern roots, thanks to my parents who will always be southern no matter where they live.

My parents raised me to be a pretty good person. My life revolves around Jesus and I would have it no other way. I have been a Christian for 19 years and everyday I try to follow in Christs footsteps, but I fall short. Although I know it is not possible, I strive to be as sinless as Jesus.

I am married to Aaron Bivens. A man whom I believe is the greatest man to live on Earth today. I am not sure why he loves me as much as he does, but I am thankful and blessed. He is a wonderful man and a hard worker. He works for Payless Shoes and works on computer programs or something. I don't think I'll ever really know what he does, it is way over my head.

I went to Washburn University in 2001 and graduated in 2005. In those 4 years I studied Mass Media-Public Relations and business. I was a cheerleader my freshman year, then moved on to better things, ha! I met a lot of new people, but the only one I really keep in touch with is my husband. We met December 28, 2001, it was one of the greatest years of my life.

I grew a lot during college, in my faith, my maturity, well everything but height. I am 5'1 and not growing.

Aaron and I got married 2 weeks after I graduated college, talk about a stressful month. Actually I was almost carefree, it was walking on clouds really.

I love weddings and once all our kids are in school I plan on starting an event coordinating business. I always said if I go back to work I will do something I LOVE. I have known for sometime weddings were my dream. That is why I majored in Public Relations, it was the closest major to event coordinating and it was suggested by my adviser. I have been a wedding coordinator at my church for 5 years now and love it when we actually get weddings (we haven't had any this year).

My hobbies include shopping, decorating, painting, making things for my kids, reading, the list probably goes on.

I am currently reading the Time Travelers Wife. I just started it today, but I have to finish it by Saturday because Aaron and I are going to see the movie. Three chapters in and it looks like it will be a great book, confusing but great.

If I failed to mention, I am a stay at home mom. I really don't stay at home though. I love to take the kids to the zoo, park, mall. The day just seems smoother if we leave the house. I am a mommy on the go, I presume this will last until they can drive themselves.

I love my kids, Taylynn and Preston. I have laughed more than in the last couple months. They keep me young and cheer me up. I continue to wonder how I am ever going to let them go. I pray daily for their future love for Jesus and I pray for their future spouse, but I just don't know if I can let them go. Maybe when they are teenagers I'll be saying the opposite.

Random facts
My favorite color is green.
I have no pets, maybe someday I will.
If event coordinating wasn't going to workout and I wanted to go back to school, I would love to have a career as a labor and delivery nurse.

If you have any questions you would like to ask then go for it, I'd love to answer them.


  1. I just started reading the Time Travelers Wife too! Actually I haven't started reading it yet, I just got the book. I always like to read the book before watching the movie.

    Ps Do You get Free Shoes?!! ha

  2. Nice too know more about you.

    Have a nice week.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I am glad to get to know you a little better.