Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last night we had some friends join us for barbecue. Ali and Aaron just moved to Topeka and we met at church. They are the sweetest couple and we are really excited to get to know them better. Shane and Darci joined us, they have been friend of ours for a while.

This is me in the kitchen. I made BBQ brisket, cheesey bacon potatoes, corn, green beans, I forgot to put out the watermelon. Ooops!

We had a great time, 5 kids 6 adults so the adults were still in charge. Ali is pregnant so once her little man is born we'll probably be taken over by the kids. Ha!

This is Ali and Aaron's daughter Riley, Taylynn is in the back

We play some croquet while the kids played in the pool and on the swing set.

Here are the girls. Darci, Ali, Riley and I

Here are the guys
Shane, my Aaron, Ali's AaronI didn't have the best of luck getting a picture of all the kids. This is as close as I got.
We had a great night and some great conversation. I can't wait to do it again.


  1. What a fun night! Sounds like you are quite the cook =)

  2. Wow, is so nice to have great friends and having fun with them.