Friday, June 29, 2012

Night on the Farm

Aaron's boss invited all his employees to his house one evening for some dinner and some socializing. It was great to get to see Aaron's co-workers and let the kids explore. The land was BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dick and Jane Gender Reveal Party

This month I helped my friend, Lara, throw a gender reveal party. She was the one that was pregnant and she wanted to be surprised at the party.  She has five, yes FIVE girls! They are the cutest girls too....anyway Lara came up with the Dick and Jane theme and I was so excited. I love VINTAGE!

 My only struggle was coming up with the reveal part. It needed to bed something everyone could see or be involved in and still include her girls. I decided to make my own version of a Dick and Jane book, called Matt and Lara.

Here is a sample from the book and pictures of their oldest daughter reading it:



Friday, June 22, 2012

Spending time with just two!

Taylynn and Preston have been in Arkansas with their Grandmother and Grandaddy for 5 days. I do miss them, but I have been having a blast with just Alayna and Chandler.
Monday I woke up to this note: 
 so sweet and a great start to the week.

Around noon we went to the pool and Alayna is such a water baby and so happy. She is always pretty happy, but I could spend more time on her and she loved the one on one time. 
We met my SIL Katie and Brighton there, it was nice to have some help even though I only had two to watch. Chandler fell asleep and slept about 45 minutes, I had to wake him up, he was sleeping really good!

We went back again tonight with Aaron so he could enjoy watching Alayna as much as I did. Once again she had a blast!

I miss getting to spend one on one time with each of the children, but I miss having them all together even more........tomorrow!!!!

Garage Sale finds

I spent yesterday and today shopping at garage sales.......probably four hours worth of driving and stopping. I LOVE it! My children watch cartoons in the morning, so I just let them watch in the van. It's peaceful and really fun for me, even if I don't find what I am looking for. But, when I do find what I am looking for it makes my today!!

I have been looking for a world globe and after yesterday I didn't think I would ever find one at a garage sale. I went out this morning and I was at this really large yard sale and while walking around the tables something caught my eye, it was right under my nose...... a GLOBE! I said......ALOUD......"oh my gosh, I have been looking for one of these, yay!" Then I realized I said that aloud and was kinda embarrassed, but still so giddy!

I found some other great items too:
Globe $2.00
Red suitcase $1.00
Blue suitcase $1.00
Brown suitcase $0.25
Teal necklace $3.00
Magnifying glass $0.25
Tin can $0.25
Metal cross stitch hoops 4 for $0.50
Glass jar $0.25
Vintage ornaments $0.50
Map paper $1.00
Forth of July windmill $0.50
Quilt $5.00
Elmo book and two new boxes of crayons $0.75

My grand total: