Monday, September 16, 2013

Change is a comin'

Last Monday, Aaron and I put the house on the market and Wednesday night we got an offer and with a little negotiating we sold the house. JUST LIKE THAT!

I was not ready for it to happen that fast, although in the back of my head I knew it would.  We spent the week before cleaning the house and getting it ready. One day while I was cleaning the kitchen, I got real with myself and with God and then got emotional. God has blessed us in this house and I made sure He knew I was thankful. All the memories of all our "firsts" popped into my head and then I felt sad that we were leaving it all behind. Then God reminded me, that it was all coming with me and that I wasn't losing anything, we were just going to another place where we can fit more memories.

I spent my time cleaning in prayer. Prayer for our future and prayer for the soon to be owners. I prayed that God blesses them in this house as He did us. I put a lot of sweat, tears and prayer into that kitchen, just saying!!!!

So as of now we will be out of our house Novermber 4th and we don't have a home to go to yet. I am letting God lead us and today I am going to look at a house, that was outside of my priorities but it could be inside Gods, so I am going and with an open mind.

If you could pray for me that I continue believe that God will provide the right house for us in His time. It is so easy to feel rushed and scared, but I have so much comfort in the fact that God already has a plan for us and I don't need to worry. This isn't my first time giving it all up to God and letting Him take control. I did this with my college choice and my husband and they worked out better than I could have expected.

My spiritual gift is Faith, but even the most faithful will have spouts of unbelief. I know God is in control and I know He can do ALL. But I am quick to conform to the patterns of this world without even thinking, so if you would just pray for us. Not that we find the most amazing house, but that we keep our eyes on God and believe in His plan.

I am more excited than anything else. This is an adventure for our family and for a girl that HATES change......I am actually sitting quite content :)