Monday, April 30, 2012

Piece of my day

Today was a rough day. Preston had an accident. My large diet coke got a hole in the bottom of the cup just as I was taking it from the drive got all over me and the car. I had a list of things I needed to get done and my patience was tested over and over and I failed.
The highlight of the day was dinner. We went to Johnnie Carino's and not only did we eat for under $20 with a complete meal of leftovers for tomorrow, but it was wonderful. Everyone did so good and it was relaxing. Who would of thought?
After dinner we spent over an hour  in Home Depot getting some lumber for an upcoming project I decided to do just this morning. When I get an idea I run with it and we have 2 weeks to get it done! I am so excited I can't sleep!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Date night with Preston

A couple weekends ago Preston and I went on a date! We started with a gourmet burger from...McDonalds (a four year old's dream). The we headed to a local middle school play to see a friend make his theater debut. This is Cooper below, and he did GREAT!
It was a play about a haunted house and everything was fine until the end of the first act, this is a picture I took during the second half. This is what Preston looked like. He was kinda scared by the screaming and loud noises, poor guy!

 He didn't watch much of the second act, but he loved getting to see Cooper after the show! We made him a really cool candy bouquet, but apparently didn't take a good picture of it :( 
Here is Preston handing it to him.

 I was fun to just be with my boy. I think he loved it too!

Piece of my day

Dave Ramsey class, church, leadership training, lifegroup in the evening. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by some great people and wonderful fellowship!

We also did some pictures of the kids tonight, it was so funny because Alayna loved it. She kept getting infront of the camera even when it wasn't her turn. The photographer did great and the pictures were all great! I'll scan some soon!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Girls night

Two of my girlfriends and I went to the Rowhouse for a wine tasting. These pictures look like we drank a lot, but they weren't full glasses.
It was really great to get out and have some girl time. I really missed my bestie Lindsey Lou though!


Piece of my day

Today Preston had preschool screening for a possible future preschool. Well, the screening didn't go well at all. He only has to be average, they are just checking to make sure the children don't have any physical or learning disabilities. Preston passed in hearing and vision, but he wouldn't do anything else. I take that back he did draw a circle and an x, but that is it. He needed to build a tower, bridge, jump over a line, draw a person etc. He CAN do it all.
 I was that mom on the sidelines wanting to tell him what to do, but I held back. I watched him bow his head and be silent. I did cheer him on once in a while, but I let the teacher do most of it. I won't be there when he is in school, I can only cheer him on when I am with him and pray for him when I am not.
I was upset because this is a free preschool and I feel like we lost our chance. I told him I was disappointed. I am still disappointed, but now not so much at him, more me. Part of Preston's personality is his shyness and it's a part of him that I love! Who knows this might be part of his gift from God and I told him I was disappointed :(
We all live and learn, I am thankful to have the Holy Spirit to help me realize when I am wrong. I can only grow from here.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Piece of my day

Laughter, it's beautiful and can make a hard day a really sweet memorable day!
I am hoping I'll never forget the sounds on the swings today, but if I do these images will help!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bike Day


Friday Taylynn had bike day at her school. We were giving a white piece of paper to write the child's name and attach to the bike. Yes, I went over board, and yes, I will learn to scale day!

This was actually Taylynn laughing. She was so excited and apparently the little boy to her right seems to be cracking her up. Even look at the picture above.


Piece of my day

Tonight we went on a walk...all six of us. It was fun and relaxing. Alayna and Chandler were in the wagon and Taylynn and Preston on their bikes. Aaron and I actually got to walk next to each other and talk. Didn't even know that was possible while the kids were still awake!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Piece of my day

Today i gave the oldest three popsicles and after a couple minutes of being inside with the door open so I could hear them, I realized I couldn't hear them. I went to look for them and the three were sitting on the steps just happy and quiet as can be. This was joy!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My 29th Birthday.

It was over two weeks ago, but with Preston's birthday and Easter I am just now getting to this post.

It was a fun day, a Saturday, so it was nice to have Aaron home. For breakfast we had coffee cake and I had a mimosa! We relaxed a bit then went to lunch at On the Boarder. I wanted to eat outside and it was the perfect weather for it. Everyone did really well, eating out with our big family has gotten harder, but when we are outside, it seems everyone is happier!

Aaron and I had a date night planned, so we dropped the girls off at Lynette's house as it was her turn to watch the kids and we headed out. We were a bit early for our dinner reservation so we went downtown and got a drink. Or I went and got a drink....Aaron doesn't drink.

We were the only ones out, it was weird, but kinda nice.

I am sad that I have no pictures of myself on my birthday, but I didn't even think of it.

We went to dinner at THE Rowhouse. One of my favorite places to go in Topeka.

I was going to type out our menu, but really that's too much work. Here are the pictures in the order we ate:

Yes! Lots of courses, but that's what I love!!!

It was a great birthday! And yes, it seems I love to celebrate with food! I lOVE food!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Piece of my day

Chandler took a bath today and learned to splash. Here is a video just click HERE

We also did some sparklers in the driveway.......just because.

As Taylynn prayed tonight I just watched her through one eye and was so amazed at the girl she is becoming.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Piece of my day

Preston got to stay up a bit later tonight and it was really fun just being with him. We played the matching game, then again because he thought it would be real special if his daddy played too.

When he was winning he would try and give me some of his matches so I wouldn't loose. He is still the sensitive Preston I have always known.

When I tucked him in bed I told him he was special to me. Then he told me I was special to him. He made my week!!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Piece of my day

Alayna went potty on the toilet!!!! I know it probably won't happen again, and it's not the first time, but it has been about 6 months since she has done it, so I am excited!

Taylynn had Kindergarten round up today! It went well, she really liked it. We got there a bit early and sat in the car and prayed for her future, the teachers and the people she would meet. Everyday while we're in her preschool drop off line we pray for the day, so this is nothing new to her, but this time it was different and kinda scary because I let go a little more with her starting Kindergarten.

After round up we ran to Farley Elementary to see a friend in a live wax museum, she played the roll of Anne Frank and was so cute. Wish I would of had my camera.

Then Taylynn and I had a date at Chili's. It was so nice to have some one on one time with her. I loved every moment of it. She sat right next to me in the booth and we just talked and colored, it was a great date and a special moment for us.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Piece of my day

Tonight while Aaron and I were watching a movie Alayna woke up so I brought her out to hold her because I just do that when my kids wake up....well and sometimes I do it when they are sleeping. I figured she'd fall back asleep, but she didn't she just laid on me.
At one point someone was dying in the moving and I cried a little. Alayna just looked at me and put her hand on my check and when she saw a tear she followed it down with her finger and just looked so concerned.
Her big eyes just staring into mine, BLISS! I love this girl. I love both my girls and both my boys more than I can express. This life right here with four children sleeping and one wonderful husband getting ready for bed, is perfection. I just need to remind my self when I am sending three children to time out 100 times a day and constantly saying "No" all the time! No one thing can make our life better, not money, not a bigger house, not fame. I have what I have always wanted. Thank you Lord for providing. Help me always see life as wonderful as I do right here in this moment!



Easter eggs. A few years ago I bought a spinner, but we used all the dye it came with so I now use paint. It takes longer to dye, but the eggs look great!Easter Bunny!!!
Reserection rolls. These are great for breakfast, but even better for a visual for little children.
I got this idea from one of my MOPS mom's here blog is HERE.

You use crescent rolls and roll up a marshmallow dipped in butter and cinnamon and sugar. Jesus is the marshmallow the the butter and sugar symbolize the wrapping up of his body. You then roll it in the crescent roll and bake for 14 minutes. When they are done.......

The tomb is empty.....HE HAS RISEN!!!

HERE is where you can find the link for these rolls.


We got to church a bit early (actually late for our class, but early for the service) so we dropped the kids off and ran to starbucks real quick (it's just down the street). It was nice to have a bit of quiet.
Jason, Katie and Brighton met us at church and we all worshiped together then had lunch and an Easter egg hunt which Oma met us for.
That afternoon we had an egg hunt and we grilled out with the neighbors.
We had a great Easter, hope everyone else did too! It was a great day to celebrate that Christ is ALIVE!!!