Sunday, April 29, 2012

Date night with Preston

A couple weekends ago Preston and I went on a date! We started with a gourmet burger from...McDonalds (a four year old's dream). The we headed to a local middle school play to see a friend make his theater debut. This is Cooper below, and he did GREAT!
It was a play about a haunted house and everything was fine until the end of the first act, this is a picture I took during the second half. This is what Preston looked like. He was kinda scared by the screaming and loud noises, poor guy!

 He didn't watch much of the second act, but he loved getting to see Cooper after the show! We made him a really cool candy bouquet, but apparently didn't take a good picture of it :( 
Here is Preston handing it to him.

 I was fun to just be with my boy. I think he loved it too!

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