Sunday, April 1, 2012


So while in Wichita I went to this awesome antique store called Barely Making it Antiques. It's in Marion, KS and it was a bit out of the the way for us, but it was so worth it!

They were so organized and they had really great prices. I wish I would have taken pictures of the store, but you can find it HERE.

I bought four milk bottles, an old wooden draw, about 30 wooden spools, an old Alka Seltzer jar (I am turning into a tooth fairy jar) and a blue mason jar. I sat in the car before we left and realized I wanted a yellow phone I saw, but barely looked at. So glad I went back in and got it, it is my favorite of the day.

I bought this phone not even expecting it to work, but it does and I love it. And the truth is, when you have four kids it's nice to have something in your life that is stationary. I no longer will be searching for a ringing phone, Hallelujah!

I also swang by a garage sale on Friday and bought an old really rusty fan. I have been looking at these type of fans for a while, but never wanted to pay much. I got this one for TWO DOLLARS!!!! I had to sand off some old paint on the base and repainted it, but it was worth the work. It makes a nice touch in my living room.


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