Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter eggs. A few years ago I bought a spinner, but we used all the dye it came with so I now use paint. It takes longer to dye, but the eggs look great!Easter Bunny!!!
Reserection rolls. These are great for breakfast, but even better for a visual for little children.
I got this idea from one of my MOPS mom's here blog is HERE.

You use crescent rolls and roll up a marshmallow dipped in butter and cinnamon and sugar. Jesus is the marshmallow the the butter and sugar symbolize the wrapping up of his body. You then roll it in the crescent roll and bake for 14 minutes. When they are done.......

The tomb is empty.....HE HAS RISEN!!!

HERE is where you can find the link for these rolls.


We got to church a bit early (actually late for our class, but early for the service) so we dropped the kids off and ran to starbucks real quick (it's just down the street). It was nice to have a bit of quiet.
Jason, Katie and Brighton met us at church and we all worshiped together then had lunch and an Easter egg hunt which Oma met us for.
That afternoon we had an egg hunt and we grilled out with the neighbors.
We had a great Easter, hope everyone else did too! It was a great day to celebrate that Christ is ALIVE!!!

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