Friday, April 6, 2012

As a four year old.....

Since my little Superman is four, so I wanted to ask him some questions and see what the world looks like through his eyes:

What is the prettiest thing in the world: Putting up Christmas stuff (first he said going to Worlds of Fun!) Oh now he says watching Thriller!

What is the best thing Jesus did for us: Making the world.

What is your favorite holiday: Halloween and Easter.

What do you love to eat: Bacon, eggs, pannacakes and salad.

What does mommy make that you LOVE: Food.

What do you want to do when you grow up: use that...points to the toaster oven, ha!

How old is daddy: I don't no... (long pause) Ten?

What do you want to do this summer: Go in my swimming pool.

If you could only keep one toy what would it be: Spiderman toy.

What do you like to sleep with at night: blanket and animals.

What does mommy do alllll the time: you make stuff.

This is fun and I should do it more often.

I love you my superhero!


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