Friday, June 28, 2013


Blogging has been on the back burner that is for sure. My social media life is more facebook and instagram, but those don't hold stories and memories like my blog, so I NEED to get back on top of it!!!!

Summer has been going by quick, but I think it has been enjoyable for all of us.

Here are some tid-bits:

We went to Louisiana to see Gg and Paw-paw the week after school was out. It was wonderful and I will blog about it soon!

I took my girlfriends Keri and Cyndi on a weekend trip, that was relaxing and much needed. I will blog about that as well!

I am still teaching my Zumba class and we still start teaching aqua Zumba this Monday!!!!

Taylynn has been working on her first grade words and is a pro! I can't believe how quick she is picking up on it!

Preston is working on his Kindergarten words and he would do great if he wanted to work on them :)

Taylynn and Preston both took swim lessons together in a private class. They have learned new things and they are more brave than I would like them to be!

I have my space to sell my vintage decor....have I even mentioned that on here? We are open two days a month, but it still keeps me busy on garage sale days!

Preston is in baseball and he has one game left. He is going to miss it, but we'll be doing it again next year!

Chandler, has really begun speaking his mind. Like for example right now he is crying in his bed.....a mad cry! I went in to check on him and he shook his head and said " no, night night". Sweet boy! Btw, he is in bed just talking now!

Alayna has been using her imagination, she loves to talk on the phone and cook. She and Chandler have been best buds lately and it is so sweet to witness. One day I caught them both in Taylynn's bunk bed and they were laying side by side and she was praying. Sweetest moment!!!!

Aaron is working, poor guy doesn't really get a summer. Although coming up he gets to take a week off and we are spending sometime together, just the two of us! I am looking forward to it!

My grandparents are moving to Bentonville!!!! This is really excited!

We are still looking for a house.....I believe in God's timing, so I know it will happen. In the meantime, I look at the blessing we are giving by being in this house. I actually sometimes love how small it is and that we are forced to be together. I know one day I will miss this!

I have continued to workout and now I am on a 24 day Challenge through Adovcare. I am on day 11 and it is going great! It's nice to see changes in my body that I can't get just through working out. I have been eating better, which isn't fun but it is worth it!!!

We have a new youth pastor at our church which is really exciting! Church camp is in July and I will be going again as a sponsor, it is always so much fun!!!!

Life is great!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Field Day

 Before school was out Taylynn and Preston had field day at there school. They were in separate areas so I had to walk back and forth to see both of them having fun! It was a HOT day!!!!!

The games are different than when I was in school, we actually competed and won ribbons. It seems its just fun and games, but all the games are pretty much the same.......tag.
I miss the three legged race and potato sack race, but I guess they think its better for a non-competitive day of fun!

They had fun and they were WORN OUT!!!

Preston's class was low key and they played tag and baseball. Of course they had popsicles after as well!

Friday, June 7, 2013

School is OUT!!!!

School is out and we finished off the year strong. Taylynn had her kindergarten program and it was the cutest thing. She has the most personality and was the highlight of the group, I might be partial though!

Preston also started baseball and he is loving it! He runs after that ball even if it is hit to the other side!

We are two weeks into summer and having a great time!!!!