Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day

 This year Valentine's Day was on a Thursday and Taylynn and Preston were out of school for conferences. It was nice to have them home and get to spend the day with them. We woke up and Aaron had already gone and bought donuts and some special gifts were waiting on the table.


Then they brought me a valentine. They each made a big heart and used colors and glitter to decorate it. And they each had a box of chocolates for me, but since they picked them out they thought they were supposed to eat the chocolate. I did share a little bit :)
Aaron bought me a new blender. But my real gift was going to dinner the weekend before. We went to the Rowhouse again and it was fabulous!!!

 So the rest of Valentines Day:
In the morning I took the kids to Bonkers, an indoor play area. They all filled up there marble jars and this is where Taylynn and Preston chose to go. I didn't think Alayna and Chandler would have much fun, but they did. We played for almost two hours crawling in out and of tunnels and going down slides. It was fun. We could have played longer, but I had conferences so we had to scoot.
For dinner it was my choice and I want Qdoba, yummy yummy food! Long Long line, but so good!

Since we didn't have school on Valentines Day the school parties were on the 12th. Taylynn and Preston worked hard on their valentines and were so excited to pass them out.

Taylynn's valentines were some I ordered from Pear Tree and Preston chose Transformers.


 I jumped back and forth from room to room to try and enjoy both parties.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catch up

It's snowing here, the kids are out of school today. I thought I would play catch up on my blog. Catch up as in what we have been doing lately!

A couple weeks ago I took Taylynn and Preston to go see Seussical the Musical, our friend Cooper was in the show. It was AMAZING!!

 They both really liked it and it kept there attention the entire time. We sat with Taylynn's teacher Mrs. White. Her daughter was apart of the crew.

Last week Aaron had a huge project due for work, so with the kids off on Thursday, Friday and Monday we had to entertain ourselves.
Thursday I took the kids to Bonkers, a indoor play gym. This was Taylynn and Prestons reward for filling up their jar of marbles. (I took Alayna a couple weeks before to Chuckie Cheese, that was her pick).
The kids played and had a great time. I didn't take my camera or even bring my purse in because I played with them and planned on helping Chandler and Alayna work their way though the nets and slides and rope ladders, but they did great. Alayna just took off, I didn't expect her to enjoy it since last time she was too scared to play in the baby area! Chandler did great too, he was slower, but he could do EVERYTHING the bigger kids could do.

After we played I had to head off to parent teacher conferences. 
He seems to be prefect at school. I am not shocked because I have seen him in his class and he is quite and obeys and listens. Not the Preston I am use to, but I am so thankful he can go to school and focus and be respectful to his teachers.
His teacher said she is going to start working with Preston on sounding out his letters and words so he can start the process of learning to read. She also said he would already be in kindergarten if it was up to her. I am a pround momma!

She had a reading test and scored a D. For me a D is bad, but I guess how they grade reading levels is an  A is the lowest and it goes up. So they want the kids to be at a C level and Taylynn read at a D level, so that's really good. 
She did great in her math testing as well, she gets that from her daddy!!!

She gets along well with the children most of the time. We are working on kindness here at home and treating people all the same and loving them the way Jesus would if He was here.
Once again, very proud momma!!!

So the next day we headed to Kansas City with Keri and her kids

 Lunch at Fritz's Railroad restaurant. It was my first time and it was fun.....for the most part :)
The train comes and brings food to your table, which the kids loved!
The only downfall was Jonathen got sick and threw up :(

 After lunch Keri headed home and we went to Kaleidoscope, lots of fun, but not enough time!


It was a lot of fun, and a great day off for the kids!

Then......the next day was Saturday and Aaron was working from home so we needed to get out of the house and keep busy. I did leave Preston at home, which helped a bit.

So, I took the girls and Chandler and we went shopping here in Topeka. We started out with a special drink from Starbucks of course. I have been shopping for clothes for Taylynn and we searched and searched and found nothing, but we had fun!

Once we got home I put everyone down for quite time and I went antique shopping. I didn't find anything at the antique shops, but I went to an estate sale that was ready to close and it was running a 50% sale and TONS of people were there! I didn't think I would find anything!!!! BUT.......this is what I got!!!
 I am using the toolbox in Taylynn and Alayna's room:

Nothing is in it now, but I am sure we'll fill it with her crayons and markers and coloring books.

Ok, so the next day it was beautiful outside and I needed to get the kids out once again so we went back to Kansas City to Legends for some lunch and shopping. Oh, and Preston stayed home with Aaron again :)

 We walked out of there with lots and lots of clothes and good memories. We'll be going back in a couple weeks because I regret not buy some workout pants (or maybe thats an excuse), so more fun to come!!!!

That night Preston had a birthday party for Aiden and Kieren and I relaxed and took a breath once the kids were in bed.

Aaron's project was due at 7 at night, but he still worked. He is such a hard worker and I love him for it. He has been working on loyalty cards for Payless Shoes, so if you get one then think of my husband when you use it :)

Monday the kids were out of school and it's a blur. I am not sure what we did :)

Busy busy busy, but I LOVE IT!