Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday, fun all day

Today I celebrated Keri's birthday, she is turning 21 again :) Lindsey and I took her to Kansas City, MO and had a girls day out at the plaza. We had a great time.
This is us driving to KC- Thank you Lindsey for keeping your eyes on the road!
We had coffee
Did some shopping
Ate at PF Changs
This is Kieren using his chop sticksThese two girls are my best friends and I am so lucky to have them!

We didn't get home until 5pm but I wasn't done having fun for the day! Aaron and I decided to take the kids to the swimming pool. First time for the year at a BIG pool.Lets just say I am beat now! It was all worth it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show us where you live Friday!

This Fridays home tour is on nursery and children rooms, MY FAVORITE. I strive to one day work for Pottery Barn and set up the rooms before the photo shoots, wouldn't that be a great job!
If you want to see tons of rooms be sure you check out Kelly's Korner.

This is Taylynn's room as a nursery. The crib was passed down from family. Her changing table was mine when I was a baby and before that it was a home economics table for a high school. The bedding is from Land of Nod. The Cinderella book was once my moms. Oh I did get the chandelier at Target for like 40 dollars.
I also made her mobile from crystal garland that was used in our wedding. They turned out so well, I still have them in her room for decoration.
This is her room now at 2 and a half. I have grown in my interior decorating skills, can you tell?
The pillows were my inspiration. They are from Pottery Barn, part of the Brooke collection. I bought the quilt from TJ Maxx for $19.99. I painted the tree on the wall. Bought a bird cage and hung it up. I love her room.

Here is Preston room. I love green and it is in almost every room of our house, so I had to use it here. I painted the stripes and it took forever, but so worth it. The wooded giraffe coat hanger was made by my Paw-Paw when I was a child. It means so much to have it in my sons room.

I did a lot my self in this room. I painted coat hangers and made his monkey picture about the giraffe. Also along with the stripes I painted the letters on the wall and all the circles in his closet, Let's just say his room will look like that for a while

Thanks for stopping by. If you like the letters check out my Etsy store.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We had a lot go on this weekend so I am going to keep it short and sweet, but add a good amount of photos.

Friday started off with my sister Mollie coming into town. We went to Jason's Deli for lunch and Target to pick up a couple things. We had a great time, I am so glad she only lives an hour away so we can visit each other once in a while.

Friday night the family went to Texas Road house and had a great time. It's always a great time if the kids are happy.

Saturday we were finishing up the swing set and had to move this pile of rock:
to the back yard. Aaron did all the work, I am so thankful for him.
This is the turn out:

That night we had a BBQ with the neighbors, good food, good friends.

On Sunday we decide to go back to the zoo and park for some fun with the kids.

Then came back home and the kids and I napped while Aaron mowed the lawn, once again so thankful for him.

That night we hung out with our neighbors again outside and all the kids went inside and watched a movie, Bolt I think.

Monday morning, we went for a walk on Shunga Trail and let the kids play on the toys for a bit. We headed home for a quick lunch and a nap. I began painting the bathroom.

Monday evening Jason, Kate and Brighton came over for dinner. Jason is Aaron's brother.
We grilled out and let the kids play. I dressed the girls up in some old dance costumes of my mom's and mine. Aren't they so cute? This is Kate and the girls dancing:
We had a great weekend.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jon and Kate

You have been grieved by various trials,
that the genuineness of your faith,
being much more precious then the gold that perishes.
though it is tested by fire,
may be found to praise,
honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
1 Peter 1:6, 7

I just got done watching the Season Premiere of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. It was sad. I had a hard time watching this couple (or individuals) speaking of their pain and what they are going through.

It was sad when, towards the end they both said they were here for their kids and totally in it for their kids. To me that is saying they are done because in my mind they should be in it for each other. I believe your spouse should come before your children. I am not meaning to love your children any less, just love your husband more.

If everyone would just start praying for Jon and Kate, maybe something amazing could happen. They are both Christians and God could use them as an example. All couples go through trials, they could be an example of how God can help you through the storm. To have this be on TV and to witness a couple reconnect and heal their marriage with God's help could be a witness to many couples, something they may have never seen before.

I pray the Lord is working in both their hearts, yes for the children, but also for each other.


Friday, May 22, 2009

ALL the money goes to charity!!!!!

I just ordered this shirt from Wild Olive.
Check out Mckmama's blog to get the info, but basically ALL the money goes to Until Journey's End. This isn't the only shirt available so go check it out.
Really cute, right?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show us where you live Friday! Dining rooms.

Over at Kelly's Korner she is hosting Show us Where you Live Fridays, check it out and tour all the dining rooms. It is a great place to get ideas.

So my dining room is connected to my kitchen, if you have seen my kitchen on the kitchen tour then you have seen my dining room, but now it is all fixed up to show off.

I normally have my table covered in paint products for the letters I sell on etsy, but I just finished some letters and I have my table back to normal.

Here it is. My kitchen is green, red and black and I LOVE pears. I have pears all over my house.

This is a picture looking in from the livingroom

I got this great tablecloth at TJ Maxx

These dishes are from Dillards and the Silver is Wallace, Joan of Arc.
The plate is from Target and the rest is mostly from Hobby LobbyThanks for checking out my dining room.


Ameican Idol

Ok so Yes I was stoked that Kris won last night, but let me tell you my thoughts of the show.

I was pretty confused when they go to Kris's family and ask them how they felt. Where was his wife? Has she even talked the whole season? Why won't they let her be the # 1 in his life. I guess I feel like once you are married your the go to person, not the parents. I felt bad for her, I wonder if she was mad.

Second note, I was so happy Cara got up there and sang, she did a great job. Not so sure I liked her showing off her bikini, but what can you do. I really didn't like "bikini girl".

Third, what did you think about Simon sitting down when Kris won while EVERYONE else was giving him a standing ovation? It's not like Adams career is over. I thought it was rude.

It was a really good show and had a GREAT ending. Go Kris!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What did you do today?

Kelly at Kelly's Korner, did a blog of her daily routine. I thought I would join her in doing this.

Everyday is not the same around here, but I am going to give you yesterdays daily activities

7:25 am Wake up and go out to the living room to see Taylynn drinking her milk and watching the Disney Channel. Aaron is in the kitchen getting his lunch ready. I gave kisses, then turned the computer on to check my mail. Nothing good, so I go sit with Taylynn and watch cartoons.

7:40 am Aaron leaves for work and shortly after I hear Preston wake up. Get him out of bed, get his sippy cup of milk and cuddle for a while. I go into the kitchen to find something for breakfast for the kids. Preston gets a frozen wheat blueberry waffle (the frozen part feels good on his gums, as his teeth are coming in) and taylynn got mixed fruit.

8:30 am I make my self peanut butter toast and set down by the computer to look at facebook and some of my fav. blogs. But uh oh, Preston saw I had food. Now he is on my lap eating more of the toast than I am.

9:00 am I call Keri and see if she wants to do our walk before nap time today. We decide we'll walk around the Shunga Trail and pack a lunch.

10:o0 am After dressing the kids I make lunch and pack it all up in a bag. I load lunch and the jogging stroller up in the car. Oooops! The car is lock, how did that happen? Thank you Lord for not letting me put the kids in their first. I am always so afraid they might get locked in the van.

10:30 am Call Keri make sure she hasan't left yet. Call Aaron and see if he'll drive back home to unlock the car. We play in the driveway.

11:00am Aaron arrives and unlocks the car. I guess I dropped the keys while putting the stroller in and the lock button must have gotten hit. Aaron drives back to work after kisses from all of us.

11:10 am Off to meet Keri at the trail. When I arrive I take some pictures of the kids while I wait for Keri.

11:20am We start walking. About 20 minutes into we stop for lunch.

This is Kieren, Aiden, Taylynn and Preston
Taylynn took this picture for us. I know we don't
look glamorous, but we were out there for excerise.
11:55am Back walking.
1:00 pm we head back to the car and load up. My kids were beat and had both fallen asleep in the stroller at one point, but once they are in their car seats they are awake.

1:15pm Our neighbors Addison and Easton come over for their last day that I will watch them.
My kids are in bed and Easton goes down for a nap. Addison and I look for new computer games on too many to choose from and I know she likes the Disney games so she plays some games on the computer and I try to clean up the kitchen and paint some letters I sold on etsy.

2:45pm Preston walks up, shortly after that Taylynn then Easton. They all love to dance and sing so we played some music and they all danced in the kitchen.

3:15pm We go in Taylynns room, put on her silly songs cd and sing and play with her kitchen a table.

4:00pm Marla (my neighboorhood friend and mom of Addison and Easton) picks up the kids.
Taylynn wants to color, but Preston won't leave her alone. She goes in her room and lays on the floor, I put some music on and shut the door. Preston was sad for a while, but got over it. I checked on Taylynn 10 minutes later and she was in the same spot and told me to shut the door. I told her to knock when she wanted out. About an hour later she was done coloring and in the meantime Preston had his own play time while I caught up on some much needed Tv time.

5:30pm Aaron got home and we went to Olive Garden for dinner, yummy!

6:45pm We get back home, Aaron begins yard work and I begin getting the kids ready for bed.

7:00pm Turn on American Idol. Go Kris!

7:40pm Aaron needs my help outside, so of course the kids come too. They end up swining and we discuss the yard. Taylynn also had my camera so she took some pictures:

8:15pm realize it is past the kids bedtimes and I missed the end of American Idol. Put Preston in bed and let Taylynn stay up to see Kris's last performance.

8:30pm Put Taylynn in bed and relax on the sofa, it's been a non stop kinda day.

9:30pm Aaron comes in the house and we watch a TV show then get ready for bed. It was a good day. Lets do it again tomorrow.