Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guest room, you mean dungeon?

So this week on Kelly's Korner we are doing guest rooms. I am sad to say mine is not great, but we made do with what we have.

My parents are the only ones who have spent the night and since we have no extra rooms upstairs they have to sleep in the basement. No the problem isn't that it is so far away, the problem is our basement is unfinished.

I did the best I could to make a beautiful room surrounded by concrete walls. One day we want to finish our basement and we will make it extra special for my parents because of all they have gone through. We are so glad they still come to see us even if they feel like they are in a dungeon.

Enjoy!- What their is to enjoy anyway.
This is looking into the "room"

I went though a Hawaiian kick for a while

I love my elephant table, I saw it at a Bombay store and had to have it

These are my cute hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys.

This is by far not my proundest room in the house, but thanks for checking in :)


  1. love those monkeys girl... i had a set of frogs once whom sat on the back of my toliet in my apt people used to always get a kick out of the hear no see no thing!!

  2. I LOVE those monkeys and the name of your blog. Too CUTE!!!

  3. I think that's a fine "in an unfinished basement" bedroom!

  4. I think it looks very nice! It is better then mine!! I have been reading through these guest bedrooms and everyone is saying the same thing!! They don't like their rooms:) We all have something in common!!

  5. How creative of you to make a pretty room from an unfinished basement!
    Love the red accents.

    I think you did a wonderful job!
    ~Melissa :)

  6. I think you are really creative. We don't have a guest room...well, my daughter's room doubles as one. I think it looks pretty cozy down there. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  7. Just thought I would suggest a very inexpensive idea. Have you thought of acid staining your concrete walls? My husband is a home builder and he has acid stained many concrete floors. You could go online and learn how easy it is. I'm pretty sure Home Depot are Lowes carries some kind of concrete acid stain. There are all variations of color from turquoise to lots of beautiful tans/browns/grays. Very inexpensive, creative, and easy!!
    I think what you have made of your guest room is great so far!!! I'm sure your parents don't care where they sleep as long as they get to love on those precious grandbabies!!!

  8. Thanks for visiting! Your children are precious! Julie's idea to stain the concrete is an awesome idea! We have our concrete floors stained at my parents house. It really looks good, my mom did it herself and she is not the most crafty person in the world so
    apparently it's pretty easy and very cheap! I love your monkeys ha!


  9. I go to sleep in that special area every time with a huge smile on my face; after all I am near those I love the best, my husband, daughter,son in law and my angel grandbabies!