Saturday, May 2, 2009

One month away

My husband and I won a trip from Regis and Kelly and we are leaving for it in about a month. I am nervous because we have never been so far away from them. We are going to Antigua and we'll be gone about 10 days.
Last night we had a trial run, we let our kids stay at their Oma's house for the first time (Oma is German for Grandma). Everything went well and Aaron and I missed them, but we weren't worried about them. When we picked them up though, they really weren't as excited as I would have liked. I suppose that is a good thing in a way. They were having to much fun to miss us. I just hope after being gone for 10 days they are a little more excited to see us.
The kids will be staying with my parents in Arkansas. I know my parents are really excited to have them, but i bet they'll be glad when we are back (probably more than our own kids).
Here is a picture of my parents and the kids on Preston Birthday
I'll throw a few more picture on here for you
Above is Mr Bivens and Preston
Below is the kids and I out shopping on St. Patrick's Day
OK not the best picture, but it will do.

Well I have to go, my husband has to do some computer stuff for work. He works for Payless Shoes and aparently needs the computer for an hour. We are blessed that he has such a great job, but really work on Saturday?

We'll talk to you all later, have a great weekend.


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