Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ameican Idol

Ok so Yes I was stoked that Kris won last night, but let me tell you my thoughts of the show.

I was pretty confused when they go to Kris's family and ask them how they felt. Where was his wife? Has she even talked the whole season? Why won't they let her be the # 1 in his life. I guess I feel like once you are married your the go to person, not the parents. I felt bad for her, I wonder if she was mad.

Second note, I was so happy Cara got up there and sang, she did a great job. Not so sure I liked her showing off her bikini, but what can you do. I really didn't like "bikini girl".

Third, what did you think about Simon sitting down when Kris won while EVERYONE else was giving him a standing ovation? It's not like Adams career is over. I thought it was rude.

It was a really good show and had a GREAT ending. Go Kris!

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