Monday, May 11, 2009

Bachelorette- Take your guess

Mondays is a girls night for my two friends and I. Lindsey and Keri are my girlfriends and we either play mahjong (the real chinese game) with dancing with the stars in the background or watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. We always have food, I'll have to start taking pictures of the great stuff we make. So the Bacholette is back up in one week and we are so excited. Here is the run down from my point of view.

Jillian was let go by Jason last season on the Bachelor, she was lucky to be let go before the ring wass given out. Jillian is a fun, artsy girl with a strong pesonality. She is a resturant deisgner from Canada who has great style also in clothes. I always loved her clothes when she was on the Bachelor, it makes me want to go shopping in Canada.

Now it is her turn to meet 25 guys and hopfully fall in love - that sounds like something Chris Harris the host would say.

I have done a little research before the show starts so I can make my own predictions on who I like and who I think she will end up with. Remember this is based on their picture, age, hometown, and profession. I think the pictures do most of the talking. You can take a look at all the information on the men here

Here are my predictions for some of the front runners and one I think are kinda cute, but not going to make it to the end:

Brian, IT consultant who lives in Atlanta. I think he is cute, like an all American boy cute. My husband works in IT and maybe it is something about a smart man that attracts me. I like him and I think he'll be in the top 4.

Caleb, he is from Kansas City and a photographer. Jillian is an artsy girl and I think with Caleb being a photographer they will have a lot to talk about. I predicted he'll be in the top 2.

Greg, he is an entrepreneur is Scottsdale, AZ. I think he is cute and will make it a few weeks, but he looks short and I think she likes them tall. They should add their height to the list of info.
Oh and apparently he does some break dancing with a break dance instructor, Michael. (Below)

Michael, break dancer instructor from New York. He looks cute and since Jillian is from Canada, they have the whole northern thing in common, but honestly I can't see her with him. He'll make the first cut, but I am not sure if he'll go any further.

Jake, oh Jake! He looks adorable, but he is a pilot and what does that mean for a future family? I think he could be a good catch for her, but it depends on if she is the type to be alone once in a while.

Wes, he is a musician from TX. He also fits into the artsy category that I think Jillian will click with. He is good looking, and I bet his southern accent will woo Jillian.

Kiptyn, I saved my favorate for last. He is from CA and is a business developer. He looks really sweet from the outside and I hope after watching the show his looks are just as sweet inside and out. I can just see them together, but we'll see. Watch him not even make the first cut :(

So these are just a few of the guys, the ones I thought were worth talking about. I think she will pick Caleb. I am just taking a guess, I have not done reserch to try and spoil the ending, I am souly taking a guess.

The girls and I always vote after the first show on who we think she'll pick. Now I am doing it a step further and guessing without seeing them on Tv yet. You should take a guess too.
Take a look the 25 guys and tell me your prediction.

Everyone tune in next Monday, the first show is always my favorite.


  1. I cannot wait for this to start!!!!!!!! I love trying to pick out the ones I think they'll pick! Have fun next Monday and we'll have to keep up with each other on who what we think :)

  2. I totally second that Lindsey, I can't WAIT for this to start. Jillian was my favorite one on the Bachelor from the get go, I was SO sad when Jason let her go but after the ending I was so happy that she was ousted before so she didn't go through that heart break! I'm definitely going to keep up with who you think and we'll have to compare!