Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day- warning, lots of pictures!!!

Today was a great day. A blessed day, like everyday I have with my children. It started out last night going to dinner with just my husband. It has always been important for us to have some of our own time together. We went to a small chinese dive, called Oriental Express. It is a drive thru and dine in, but oh so good. We had a great time. After a good nights rest I was woken up with breakfast in bed, Spangles, nothing homemade (probably a good thing). Then off to church which we were a little rushed to make it by 9:30, but we did it. We had a great sermon about silence. I learned it is ok to turn the TV and radio off, time with God in silence can be more than entertainment from a TV or radio. Say "no" to noise and "yes" to Jesus. I need to spend more time in silence and talking with the Lord. Lesson leanred, check!

After church we picked lunch up a Quizno's and a Sonic drink for me, because it's a speical day and if we need to stop at two places then thats ok. After lunch I made sure my mother in law was out of the house and I left to fix up her back deck. Taylynn and Preston helped me make some flower pots for their Oma for Mother's day.
Here is a before and after picture of the deck:


She was surprised!! After the fix up, I met her at TJ Maxx to do some shopping. All I came out of that store with was a metal pear, but I had fun.

Once I got home I began dinner. We grilled out for my Mother in Law who the kids call Oma (german for grandma). Here are some pictures.

It was great to have the family there, I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of everyone.

I got this necklace from Aaron, I am still waiting on a couple charms that were ordered. This is a Brighton necklace, so adorbale and just what I was looking for.
The T stands for Taylynn and the 4 is because they
were both born on the 4th. I am still waiting on the P for
Preston and A for Aaron.

From the children, I got this diaper pod. I had one from Taylynn, but it is worn out so I wanted a new one. These fit great in your purse.

Today was a great day. I want to share with you some of the important mothers in my life:

My mom, she is wonderful and an amazing mother and grandmother. I am blessed to have leanred so much from her. I wish we could see her more, but we are lucky for the times we have with her.

My Grandma, she is a fun and generous grandma with so much love in her heart. The children call her GG and love her so much even though they don't get to see her too much. She lives in Louisiana, but we have plenty of pictures for the kids to look at and point to GG.

My mother in law has dedicated her life to loving her Grandchildren, she has 5 of them and love them all the same. She has been so wonderful to us, by letting us go out on a date night while she watches the kids. We are so thankful for her.

My Grandma in law. Although she lives in Colorado, she is a big part of our lives. I love how she is open and honest. She has a sweet heart and is always fun to sit and have chat with.I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. What a great post - I love what you did with the deck!


  2. Happy mother's Day to my sweet mother of my grandbabies! Have I told you lately what a teriffic mom you are??! You amaze me more each day.
    The deck is beautiful and what a thoughtful, giving gift! I am very proud of you!
    It sounds like your day was beautiful, I am so thankful for that.
    I love you beyond words.