Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What did you do today?

Kelly at Kelly's Korner, did a blog of her daily routine. I thought I would join her in doing this.

Everyday is not the same around here, but I am going to give you yesterdays daily activities

7:25 am Wake up and go out to the living room to see Taylynn drinking her milk and watching the Disney Channel. Aaron is in the kitchen getting his lunch ready. I gave kisses, then turned the computer on to check my mail. Nothing good, so I go sit with Taylynn and watch cartoons.

7:40 am Aaron leaves for work and shortly after I hear Preston wake up. Get him out of bed, get his sippy cup of milk and cuddle for a while. I go into the kitchen to find something for breakfast for the kids. Preston gets a frozen wheat blueberry waffle (the frozen part feels good on his gums, as his teeth are coming in) and taylynn got mixed fruit.

8:30 am I make my self peanut butter toast and set down by the computer to look at facebook and some of my fav. blogs. But uh oh, Preston saw I had food. Now he is on my lap eating more of the toast than I am.

9:00 am I call Keri and see if she wants to do our walk before nap time today. We decide we'll walk around the Shunga Trail and pack a lunch.

10:o0 am After dressing the kids I make lunch and pack it all up in a bag. I load lunch and the jogging stroller up in the car. Oooops! The car is lock, how did that happen? Thank you Lord for not letting me put the kids in their first. I am always so afraid they might get locked in the van.

10:30 am Call Keri make sure she hasan't left yet. Call Aaron and see if he'll drive back home to unlock the car. We play in the driveway.

11:00am Aaron arrives and unlocks the car. I guess I dropped the keys while putting the stroller in and the lock button must have gotten hit. Aaron drives back to work after kisses from all of us.

11:10 am Off to meet Keri at the trail. When I arrive I take some pictures of the kids while I wait for Keri.

11:20am We start walking. About 20 minutes into we stop for lunch.

This is Kieren, Aiden, Taylynn and Preston
Taylynn took this picture for us. I know we don't
look glamorous, but we were out there for excerise.
11:55am Back walking.
1:00 pm we head back to the car and load up. My kids were beat and had both fallen asleep in the stroller at one point, but once they are in their car seats they are awake.

1:15pm Our neighbors Addison and Easton come over for their last day that I will watch them.
My kids are in bed and Easton goes down for a nap. Addison and I look for new computer games on too many to choose from and I know she likes the Disney games so she plays some games on the computer and I try to clean up the kitchen and paint some letters I sold on etsy.

2:45pm Preston walks up, shortly after that Taylynn then Easton. They all love to dance and sing so we played some music and they all danced in the kitchen.

3:15pm We go in Taylynns room, put on her silly songs cd and sing and play with her kitchen a table.

4:00pm Marla (my neighboorhood friend and mom of Addison and Easton) picks up the kids.
Taylynn wants to color, but Preston won't leave her alone. She goes in her room and lays on the floor, I put some music on and shut the door. Preston was sad for a while, but got over it. I checked on Taylynn 10 minutes later and she was in the same spot and told me to shut the door. I told her to knock when she wanted out. About an hour later she was done coloring and in the meantime Preston had his own play time while I caught up on some much needed Tv time.

5:30pm Aaron got home and we went to Olive Garden for dinner, yummy!

6:45pm We get back home, Aaron begins yard work and I begin getting the kids ready for bed.

7:00pm Turn on American Idol. Go Kris!

7:40pm Aaron needs my help outside, so of course the kids come too. They end up swining and we discuss the yard. Taylynn also had my camera so she took some pictures:

8:15pm realize it is past the kids bedtimes and I missed the end of American Idol. Put Preston in bed and let Taylynn stay up to see Kris's last performance.

8:30pm Put Taylynn in bed and relax on the sofa, it's been a non stop kinda day.

9:30pm Aaron comes in the house and we watch a TV show then get ready for bed. It was a good day. Lets do it again tomorrow.



  1. I LOVE that Preston is 1) walking and 2) totally does hand movements to Beyonce!! YES! So adorable! :)

  2. Okay so that video was the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!

  3. I love reading about your day. These are precious memories for all of you. Wish we were closer to share more!
    Kris won!!!!

  4. I found your blog via Kelly's Korner (Show us where you live Friday) and I like your blog.

    You have an adorable family.

    I join the blog world last year and I love it. I live in Puerto Rico and have twin girls. I like blogging because I have the opportunity to know other people around the world.

    If you don't have problem I like to add your blog to my list of favorites.

    BTW, great post of your day yesterday.