Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick trip to KC

Last weekend we chanced the rain and went to an outdoor mall in Kansas City. The weather really was great! We got lucky I'd say!
We really didn't need anything, but I did walk away with some workout clothes and great memories! Cold Stone did give us free ice cream, so that was a plus too!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Party Planning Progress

The picture above probably seems like chaos and really confusing. Well, it's not important that you can make out my amateur drawings and all my misspelled words. I wanted you to see this because this is my brain at work when I finally get an idea and I process all my ideas on paper. This was about 5-10 minutes of was a light bulb that FINALLY went off in my head. I say finally because I have two weeks before I send out invitations and I had no location for this party.

Without a location I can't plan.......

I figured out my location....

It's not set, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure I can get it.......crossing my fingers and knocking on wood in this moment!!!

Let the planning begin.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Photo Shoot

Saturday I took Taylynn to get her pictures taken. Let me tell you I have been planning this photo shoot for weeks. I have been shopping at every store to find the perfect outfit. I bought lots of pieces, but the day before finally found the RIGHT pieces.

Taylynn was as excited as I was and it really showed during the moment she was getting her pictures taken. She has never been as silly as she was in that moment. She was so funny. They would ask her to look at a book and have a shocked face and she would say, "no, no, I can't" and just laugh. She did the same thing when it came to biting into an apple. It was a hoot and every time I see the pictures I hope it brings me back to that moment. A moment when I could just sit, watch and enjoy my sweet little girl.

Check out this adorable picture:

Beautiful right? Megan Rogers is a GREAT photographer and I am so excited for these kindergarten pictures that I will have for ALL the kids.  We don't do any individual pictures on the walls because we don't have enough space for all our kids, but we'll find space for these pictures.

Sometime in the next couple weeks I'll get to go see the rest of the pictures, I am so excited!!!

Thank you Megan, your are so great at what you do!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mops Convention in Texas

 This last weekend some MOPS girls and I went to Texas for a MOPS Convention. We had the best best best time!! 

We stayed at the Gaylord Texan and it was beautiful!
I feel like summer time my relationship with God takes the back burner, but this convention really brought me back to a good place. We got to hear from so many great people speak. More speakers than I can remember. Our conference was packed full, but we still had sometime around the town to explore!

All dressed up

I took some maternity pictures of Lara in the hotel, I love them! Doesn't she look great for having five girls and 35 weeks pregnant with her first boy???


I really bonded with these girls, it was so much fun! Did I already say that???? Well it was. And it was a trip I'll never forget!

First day of school

Tuesday was the first day of school, but we have been preparing for this moment for a while now. I made friendship bracelets with Taylynn and Preston so if they got scared or lonely at school they could look at there bracelets and remember I am at home waiting to come get them and that I love them.
I also bought them small crosses for there book bags to be a reminder that no matter where they go God is with them and they can take Him to school with Him because he lives in their heart. I taped the crosses inside so they could see them and so they wouldn't loose them.

 Monday night we had a meet the teacher night. This was so helpful to me and Taylynn and Preston. It was great for them to see their teacher and room; I think it helped them get excited.
Taylynn got a picture with her teacher, but Preston's room was full and busy so I didn't want to bother his teacher.

Tuesday came around and I was holding it together for the first time all week. I think I probably looked like a chicken with her head cut off because we were so busy.......welcome to the world right?? I got everything done I wanted to and we still caught the bus! 
I made a special breakfast for this special day, packed a lunch for Taylynn, took pictures outside with the chalkboard and pictures by the bus stop. After Taylynn left ( a little bit after 8am) I headed to the school to make sure she got there. It was a quick peek and picture in the doorway then we headed home. I began the process with getting Preston ready for school. His bus comes at 12:30 so I had a little bit of space. We played a little bit then took some more pictures and had a quick lunch. Then he was off. They both did great getting on the bus, I was so proud. Once Alayna and Chandler went down for a nap I kept myself busy. Thinking about it and crying about it doesn't make anything better so I carried on and soon enough it was time to pick them up. They had a great day, but they were really tired. Taylynn told me about the girl she sat with on the bus and going to lunch. She seems to love it, but when night time came around she said she didn't want to go back. She changed her mind when it was time for the bus the next day.

Preston seems so excited to get "punches" I guess if you get three you can go shopping??? I am rolling with it, no idea what he is talking about, but he has told me both days now that he got a punch. Oh and he tells me about snacks......I hope he is learning in the process of punches and snacks :)