Sunday, August 12, 2012

School Supplies

I have lots of new traditions that will start this year. Many of them involve the start of kindergarten. 
Taylynn had a huge supply list so I thought it would be fun for Aaron and me to take her on a date. We went to dinner then shopping, she really enjoyed the time with the two of us and we both enjoyed seeing Taylynn without her brothers or sister around. It's amazing how children are so different when their siblings aren't around.

This is a big week for Taylynn, I am so excited for her. If you think of it pray for me as I deal with sending my first baby off to kindergarten and my second baby off to preschool all in one day. It is going to be a rough day.

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  1. Such cute and sweet ideas, Caroline. Stay strong, you will be fine. Remember it is all part of God's plan and be so thankful that Taylyn can go to school and learn because of the Lord's blessing. I still remember your first day of school. Your mom was struggling and had a hard time. You will be fine, sweet mother.