Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ten Months

Chandler you are 10 months old, only two more months until your big ONE and your big party! Lots of preparation going on here.

This month you:
Learned to stand without holding on
Started walking around holding on to furniture
Began Saying no, no, no after me
Got very good at drinking from a straw
Weigh in at 23.5 pounds
Found that nibbling on my cheek really makes me laugh so you insist on using those teeth to give me bite kisses
Did NOT figure out how to sleep through the night, OR put yourself to sleep

It has been a great month and I am blessed for all the days I have with you. You are still the happiest baby ever! We have big plans to celebrate your first year of life. Your a special boy that I have been blessed with. I have big plans for the man I would like you to be......a father, a husband, a hard worker, fun to be around guy,  the list goes on. But the truth is all I want is for you to be a man of God. I want you to love God and follow Him. Even when the path is unclear use your faith and let the Lord lead you. I will pray that you also have those things above, but along with that and above it all I want you to be happy and I know that total fulfillment come from God alone.

Although I don't want you to grow up or get any older, I pray for your future. I pray for your wife and her life as a little girl, I pray that her parents will raise her to know God. If not, then I pray she will be introduced to Him and fill her heart with him. I pray for your children. for their faith in God, health, happiness and their spouses and family.

I am dedicated to being the best mom I can to you and your brother and sisters. I fail often, but as you will see failing is a part of learning. I love you and I am so excited for your future.

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