Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Photo Shoot

Saturday I took Taylynn to get her pictures taken. Let me tell you I have been planning this photo shoot for weeks. I have been shopping at every store to find the perfect outfit. I bought lots of pieces, but the day before finally found the RIGHT pieces.

Taylynn was as excited as I was and it really showed during the moment she was getting her pictures taken. She has never been as silly as she was in that moment. She was so funny. They would ask her to look at a book and have a shocked face and she would say, "no, no, I can't" and just laugh. She did the same thing when it came to biting into an apple. It was a hoot and every time I see the pictures I hope it brings me back to that moment. A moment when I could just sit, watch and enjoy my sweet little girl.

Check out this adorable picture:

Beautiful right? Megan Rogers is a GREAT photographer and I am so excited for these kindergarten pictures that I will have for ALL the kids.  We don't do any individual pictures on the walls because we don't have enough space for all our kids, but we'll find space for these pictures.

Sometime in the next couple weeks I'll get to go see the rest of the pictures, I am so excited!!!

Thank you Megan, your are so great at what you do!!!!!


  1. Thank YOU! I can't wait to show you all that we have captured.

  2. Just absolutely precious!!!! I love that little kindergartner