Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Texas Goodies

 I am heading out with some friends to Texas today!!!! We are going to a MOPS (mom's of preschoolers) convention to prepare for the next year of MOPS. We'll be there tonight and back Sunday night.
We plan on having lots of fun there and I wanted to add to it by making some goodies so I made shirts bags and labeled some notebooks and added pens.

Lets start with the shirts. I used a regular T-shirt transfer, but when they came out, they looked too "good" so I added a little bit of sanding to the shirts. I used an orbital sander and honestly wasn't sure what would happen when I took it to the jersy material, but it worked and didn't make a hole in the shirt or anything. It added an aged look, which if you know me, I LOVE!

I knew we'd need to carry around a note pad and something to write with so I picked up some cute notebooks at Target and added the "Caroline touch" I made labels with the girls names and stuck it on. One simple way to make something more fun!

Now that the girls have a note book they needed something to put it in when we go from class to class. I bought some plain ol' canvas bags and added some paint. I used a gray spray paint and then hand painted the letters on the bags.

We leave in four hours and I still need to go shopping at the mall, finish packing, get the house ready for my husband, do my Zumba workout and run by my church! Yikes!!!!! Better go!
Pray for us that we have safe travels and that our husbands have a fun, yet uneventful time with all the children. May I add we are leaving behind 14 kiddos! Pray for them also.


  1. Sounds like so much fun and I love Aaron even more for giving you a change and break!! Be sure and tell him I said the 6 of them could come here... We'd live it!!!