Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting things done

I have been working on one project for a while now. Alayna needed a mobile above her bed and I knew what I wanted and either, one, I could spend a lot of money on artificial flowers and throw it together in one day, or two, I could take time and make my own flowers/hair clips that could be used for the mobile and for Taylynn and Alayna's hair.Of course, knowing me I took challenge number two, a challenge that would take lots of time, make lots of mess and take many trips to fabric stores.

I started by figuring out on my own how to make these flower clips
Then, I got my wreath and some artificial flowers and began making more flowers. I even had my Monday night girls help me make them because it was taking so long. Thanks girls, you were a huge help!

I added a birds nest and a sweet little green bird then added the flower hair clips and tah dah.....

Alayna's point of view
I think I have a total of thirty hair clips in this wreath and more that are extra.

This is Taylynn wearing a flower clip

So for the most part the room is complete. I didn't go all out because she is using Preston's room for 6 months, then moving into Taylynn's room. While Preston is stuck sleeping in a really girly pink room. I am however in the process of fixing up Taylynn's room for two girls. I'll be excited to show you pictures of that. Here is a little sneak peek for now.

Sister owls for the wall

You'll probably have to wait about 5 months for the rest to come.

For now here is Alayna little nook in her temporary room room.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandmother, Grandaddy, GG and Paw Paw

Friday we headed to Kansas City to meet up with my parents and grandparents.
Taylynn and Preston thinking the ride was like a roller coaster.........
Taylynn and Preston had been talking about this all day, they were really excited to see Grandmother, Grandaddy, GG and Paw Paw. They were staying the night in KC to catch an early flight to Washington where they'll be cruising to Alaska. We got the chance to spend a couple hours with them. We just order pizza then went swimming, it was fun.
They made it safe to the boat and they are floating a long. I bet having a GREAT time! Every night Taylynn remembers them in her prayers, so sweet.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Last Thursday we took our youth group to a Royals baseball game. We got to bring our own kids too!
It stormed the whole way there and I didn't prepare for rain. I did bring Taylynn and Preston blanket for the ride home, so we used that to keep them warm.
The game had an hour and a half delay, so it didn't start until 8:30. We all had a great time. Taylynn had her ears plugged for a while, but then she must have realized it really wasn't that loud.

Free Hot Dog NightAlign Center
Trying to stay dry
They have a kids park with food just for kids and a play area. This was a big hit.
For as late as it was the kids did great and had so much fun.
The downfall was the Royals lost :(

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day and C section

Father's Day itself was pretty low key for us. We went to church then went out for a quick lunch. After lunch everyone napped but Aaron, he mowed the lawn :( I wish I could have done it for him.
That evening we met our life group for a cookout. It was a great evening out with friends.

We did celebrate a couple days before by going to Famous Dave's for some good bbq.
I bought Aaron a new knife set for Father's Day and the kids got him a waffle maker. I wish I would have had more energy to do more for him, but these days I am tired and exhausted. Sorry honey, you know I love you. Next year I'll make it extra special!!!!

So as far as the pregnancy is going, I am 36 weeks tomorrow, but I only have 22 days left. My C-section is scheduled for July 13. I requested the 14th, but when I couldn't get that I requested any even number days, but the only other day available was the 15th, so I just went with the 13th.

We are excited to have a date and we are looking forward to meeting baby Alayna. I feel like I still have a lot to do, and I do.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jessie's Lingerie Luncheon

Today I hosted a lingerie luncheon for my friend Jessie who is getting married July 3Oth. We had a great turn out of girls and I think everyone had a great time.

Me, Jessie and Jennifer
Dessert time. Thanks Jennifer and Kim!!!
Notice behind Jessie, is her lingerie line. I hung up as many piece as it would hold, but she got a lot of great stuff!
Everyone, but Taylynn my little photographer.

Congratulations Jessie, I am so excited for you!

This was right before the shower, while boys were still allowed in the house :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog giveaway

I have been looking for some cute fabric so once Alayna is born I can lay her on a nice pattern and take pictures.
I found a blog, Whimsy Couture that is doing a fabric giveaway and I thought I would share it with you. GO HERE to see and enter.

Mr Stinky Feet

During the summer our library has all kinds of programs for children and families. We went to go see a guy named Mr Stinky feet.
Taylynn and Preston love music and love dancing so I thought this would be fun. We went to the evening show so Aaron could go too. It was fun and the guy was great and had some fun songs to sing. The down fall was that I was sitting on the floor and uncomfortable.
I did take some pictures, they are not very good but that's because I was on the floor siting right next to them.

Here is Taylynn raising her hand to be picked for "the band" She wasn't picked, but if she was I don't know that she would even go up to the front, little miss shy!This is Mr Stinky feet and "the band"
Here she is checking to see if she has stinky feet.
And Preston having a great time.
It was fun, but afterward was even better.......


I love Baskin Robbins and we went and got a special treat after the library. What a great evening.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This year we put Taylynn in swim lessons. I actually got her on the waiting list last year for this summer.
Her lessons are thirty minutes long for two weeks. I was nervous to see how she would do and react to being in the water. The first day she was loving it, she would yell across the pool and say "I am having so much fun!"
Things quickly changed the next day.....

The one thing she didn't like was floating on her back and letting water get in her ears, so for 4 lessons she cried from beginning to end of the lessons. I don't know why it took me so long but once I began praying for her to feel safe and comfortable in the water, she began to do well and loving lessons again. All it took was lifting it up to God. It shouldn't have taken me that long to realize it.

During lessons, Preston and I would hang out on the deck and watch Taylynn. I had to keep him distracted with snacks and juice boxes, but it was nice to have that time with him. Preston kept saying, "Taylynn done? My turn." He is so ready for his own lessons, but he'll have to wait until next year.

Here are some pictures from the two weeks!

Getting ready to do a sit dive
Class is over
Waiting for class to startGet your eyes wet