Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting things done

I have been working on one project for a while now. Alayna needed a mobile above her bed and I knew what I wanted and either, one, I could spend a lot of money on artificial flowers and throw it together in one day, or two, I could take time and make my own flowers/hair clips that could be used for the mobile and for Taylynn and Alayna's hair.Of course, knowing me I took challenge number two, a challenge that would take lots of time, make lots of mess and take many trips to fabric stores.

I started by figuring out on my own how to make these flower clips
Then, I got my wreath and some artificial flowers and began making more flowers. I even had my Monday night girls help me make them because it was taking so long. Thanks girls, you were a huge help!

I added a birds nest and a sweet little green bird then added the flower hair clips and tah dah.....

Alayna's point of view
I think I have a total of thirty hair clips in this wreath and more that are extra.

This is Taylynn wearing a flower clip

So for the most part the room is complete. I didn't go all out because she is using Preston's room for 6 months, then moving into Taylynn's room. While Preston is stuck sleeping in a really girly pink room. I am however in the process of fixing up Taylynn's room for two girls. I'll be excited to show you pictures of that. Here is a little sneak peek for now.

Sister owls for the wall

You'll probably have to wait about 5 months for the rest to come.

For now here is Alayna little nook in her temporary room room.


  1. Oh, what a GREAT idea!!!
    You are so creative :)

  2. I love her bedding! Where did you get it?

  3. You are so creative!!! That is a precious wreath! I love the bow too...I may have to figure out how to make myself one ha!!