Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show us your life- China pattern

Show us your life- China Edition

This was a fun week because this was the first time I have really gotten my China out. Aaron and I got married almost 5 years ago and we (or I) registered for Lenox Solitaire Square China.

We didn't receive much china for our wedding, I think the down fall of the china I picked was it didn't come in a place setting, you had to buy all the parts separately. And I don't think anyone wanted to just buy us a plate. We did receive some great gifts though, a lot of which for for our everyday dishes, which I'll attach some pictures of those too.

So we have some piece, random piece, of which include only two dinner plates which you will see in the following pictures.One day I hope to have a beautiful china cabinet to store all our china in. And one day I hope to use it :)

Here is some of my everyday dishes
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  1. Pretty! I love that you set your table. I was too lazy to do that :)

  2. I really need to get mine out and set the table like that- yours looks so nice!

  3. Totally unique! I love the square and simple gold!

  4. Love your china!! These pictures are great and I love the green from the fruit!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I really like the square lennox......a lot of young brides don't register for Lennox anymore, so it's nice to actually see some!

  6. That is so pretty! You should use it now!!