Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr Stinky Feet

During the summer our library has all kinds of programs for children and families. We went to go see a guy named Mr Stinky feet.
Taylynn and Preston love music and love dancing so I thought this would be fun. We went to the evening show so Aaron could go too. It was fun and the guy was great and had some fun songs to sing. The down fall was that I was sitting on the floor and uncomfortable.
I did take some pictures, they are not very good but that's because I was on the floor siting right next to them.

Here is Taylynn raising her hand to be picked for "the band" She wasn't picked, but if she was I don't know that she would even go up to the front, little miss shy!This is Mr Stinky feet and "the band"
Here she is checking to see if she has stinky feet.
And Preston having a great time.
It was fun, but afterward was even better.......


I love Baskin Robbins and we went and got a special treat after the library. What a great evening.


  1. If you love Mr. Stinky will love Funky Mama. She is all around KC! Sometimes they even do shows together. Check her out

  2. Sounds like a great time.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. So cute. Sounds like something fun to do!