Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandmother, Grandaddy, GG and Paw Paw

Friday we headed to Kansas City to meet up with my parents and grandparents.
Taylynn and Preston thinking the ride was like a roller coaster.........
Taylynn and Preston had been talking about this all day, they were really excited to see Grandmother, Grandaddy, GG and Paw Paw. They were staying the night in KC to catch an early flight to Washington where they'll be cruising to Alaska. We got the chance to spend a couple hours with them. We just order pizza then went swimming, it was fun.
They made it safe to the boat and they are floating a long. I bet having a GREAT time! Every night Taylynn remembers them in her prayers, so sweet.

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  1. Hi Caroline, Looks like you all had fun together. It was great to see everyone. I know they will have a wonderful time. Hope the remaining days go quickly for you and you are feeling well enough to accomplish all you need to before little Alayna makes her presentation!!
    Sweet pics!