Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day and C section

Father's Day itself was pretty low key for us. We went to church then went out for a quick lunch. After lunch everyone napped but Aaron, he mowed the lawn :( I wish I could have done it for him.
That evening we met our life group for a cookout. It was a great evening out with friends.

We did celebrate a couple days before by going to Famous Dave's for some good bbq.
I bought Aaron a new knife set for Father's Day and the kids got him a waffle maker. I wish I would have had more energy to do more for him, but these days I am tired and exhausted. Sorry honey, you know I love you. Next year I'll make it extra special!!!!

So as far as the pregnancy is going, I am 36 weeks tomorrow, but I only have 22 days left. My C-section is scheduled for July 13. I requested the 14th, but when I couldn't get that I requested any even number days, but the only other day available was the 15th, so I just went with the 13th.

We are excited to have a date and we are looking forward to meeting baby Alayna. I feel like I still have a lot to do, and I do.


  1. WOW! not much longer! Can't wait to see her sweet face!!!

  2. Wow, only 22 days left. Anxious to meet her.

  3. Baby already! Pregnancy always goes by faster when its someone else! I will be praying fo you and your family!

  4. So excited for all of us!! My offer still stands to bring Taylynn and Preston here to give you all a breather...think about it! Love to all 5 of you!