Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This year we put Taylynn in swim lessons. I actually got her on the waiting list last year for this summer.
Her lessons are thirty minutes long for two weeks. I was nervous to see how she would do and react to being in the water. The first day she was loving it, she would yell across the pool and say "I am having so much fun!"
Things quickly changed the next day.....

The one thing she didn't like was floating on her back and letting water get in her ears, so for 4 lessons she cried from beginning to end of the lessons. I don't know why it took me so long but once I began praying for her to feel safe and comfortable in the water, she began to do well and loving lessons again. All it took was lifting it up to God. It shouldn't have taken me that long to realize it.

During lessons, Preston and I would hang out on the deck and watch Taylynn. I had to keep him distracted with snacks and juice boxes, but it was nice to have that time with him. Preston kept saying, "Taylynn done? My turn." He is so ready for his own lessons, but he'll have to wait until next year.

Here are some pictures from the two weeks!

Getting ready to do a sit dive
Class is over
Waiting for class to startGet your eyes wet

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  1. Guess I better start praying now. Addy and E start on Monday. . .should be fun!