Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We had a lot go on this weekend so I am going to keep it short and sweet, but add a good amount of photos.

Friday started off with my sister Mollie coming into town. We went to Jason's Deli for lunch and Target to pick up a couple things. We had a great time, I am so glad she only lives an hour away so we can visit each other once in a while.

Friday night the family went to Texas Road house and had a great time. It's always a great time if the kids are happy.

Saturday we were finishing up the swing set and had to move this pile of rock:
to the back yard. Aaron did all the work, I am so thankful for him.
This is the turn out:

That night we had a BBQ with the neighbors, good food, good friends.

On Sunday we decide to go back to the zoo and park for some fun with the kids.

Then came back home and the kids and I napped while Aaron mowed the lawn, once again so thankful for him.

That night we hung out with our neighbors again outside and all the kids went inside and watched a movie, Bolt I think.

Monday morning, we went for a walk on Shunga Trail and let the kids play on the toys for a bit. We headed home for a quick lunch and a nap. I began painting the bathroom.

Monday evening Jason, Kate and Brighton came over for dinner. Jason is Aaron's brother.
We grilled out and let the kids play. I dressed the girls up in some old dance costumes of my mom's and mine. Aren't they so cute? This is Kate and the girls dancing:
We had a great weekend.

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  1. Oh wow, looks like a very busy weekend but lots of fun.

    I like the swin set.