Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day

 This year Valentine's Day was on a Thursday and Taylynn and Preston were out of school for conferences. It was nice to have them home and get to spend the day with them. We woke up and Aaron had already gone and bought donuts and some special gifts were waiting on the table.


Then they brought me a valentine. They each made a big heart and used colors and glitter to decorate it. And they each had a box of chocolates for me, but since they picked them out they thought they were supposed to eat the chocolate. I did share a little bit :)
Aaron bought me a new blender. But my real gift was going to dinner the weekend before. We went to the Rowhouse again and it was fabulous!!!

 So the rest of Valentines Day:
In the morning I took the kids to Bonkers, an indoor play area. They all filled up there marble jars and this is where Taylynn and Preston chose to go. I didn't think Alayna and Chandler would have much fun, but they did. We played for almost two hours crawling in out and of tunnels and going down slides. It was fun. We could have played longer, but I had conferences so we had to scoot.
For dinner it was my choice and I want Qdoba, yummy yummy food! Long Long line, but so good!

Since we didn't have school on Valentines Day the school parties were on the 12th. Taylynn and Preston worked hard on their valentines and were so excited to pass them out.

Taylynn's valentines were some I ordered from Pear Tree and Preston chose Transformers.


 I jumped back and forth from room to room to try and enjoy both parties.


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