Friday, March 1, 2013

Aaron is 30!!!!

Yesterday was Aaron's thirtieth birthday!!!!! I threw him a surprise birthday party, pictures and all to come....

I feel like as a busy mom I don't take enough time out of the choas to make sure my loved ones know they are appreciated! So today I am dedicating this blog to Aaron....

Most of you don't know Aaron in real life, but some of you do. He is the most loving man, probably the smartest man I have ever met too. Put these to together and that equals prince charming. And he really is a prince to me.

I tell my youth girls all the time to be careful with love stories and romances movies and to not be deceived by what love is and what it really looks like. I mean is it really possible to see someone for the first time and breakout into a duet together singing about how you are meant to be together, or can you fall in love just from connecting eyes across the room?
Love is something that doesn't happen with out time and growth together.  It's not something that comes as easy as the movies make it look.  For us we both made mistakes and we learned how to forgive and grow into a better person for our spouse.

I don't think I ever expected that I would ever marry such a wonderful guy. Aaron has never started a fight with me, or used words to hurt me, he has protected my heart by guarding it with the words he chooses to use. He works hard at work everyday then comes home and helps with dinner and baths and putting the kids to bed. He doesn't complain when our dinner is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or some concoction I came up with that is AWFUL!!!

Aaron will pray for us before bed and is quick to rely on God for guidance. His heart is in the right place and hopefully Taylynn, Preston, Alayna and Chandler can see the man he is and either strive to be that man for their wife or find a man that carries the same characteristics.

I know my parents prayed for a wonderful man for me, but who knew I would land prince charming :)

I know I tell you too much, but I am blessed to have you in my life and the love you show me everyday amazes me. Do you remember when all I wanted was flowers and love notes. I wanted that because a part of me thought that was love. Now I know love and it's the sweet words you say and the words you hold back. It's the extra help you give me when you know I am spent. It's the laundry you do because you know I hate it. It's the movies you watch just so we can spend time together. It's way you talk and pray with our children. It's the dreams you let me have without criticizing them.
You Aaron Bivens are an AMAZING man!!!! I won't ever let you forget it!!!
- i love you!


  1. This is SO sweet! Happy birthday to Aaron!

  2. Yes, Sweet Caroline your Dad and I prayed daily for you and the man we knew would be such a vital and important part of your life. Our prayers began the day we found out I was expecting and continue daily. We are not at all surprised that you have your "Prince Charming" because we never have doubted God's plan and God's power in your life. You have shown you wan God's direction and have kept your faith and prayers to be a dear part of your being. As a mom, it thrills my heart to no end to know that your husband fullfills you in countless ways. It makes us love Aaron all the more because of the shared love. We are so blessed to know that the two of you are truly one and are so happy. You Dad and I pray this always for you and now our precious grandchildren!!