Sunday, March 31, 2013

Caroline is 30!

Yes, another 30th birthday around here, but this time it is the most special lady in my life, Caroline's. This is her husband Aaron and I just thought I would leave a quick message before her special day is over. Unfortunately, her birthday fell on Easter this year, so she had to share the spotlight, so we tried to make it special on the 30th just so it could be about her, sprinkled in with a favorite lunch of hers on Easter.

It is crazy to think that 31 days after I was born, my future wife was brought into this world. What a special gift from God you have been. I can't thank your parents enough for bringing you into this world. You are my world and I would be lost without you. You are the sweetest and most kind-hearted person I know, always putting yourself before others; a true testament to a follower of Jesus, a servant's heart. What you do for myself and the kids is more than I could have ever asked for; I am so fortunate and blessed to wake up next to you every day.

It is hard to believe this is your 12th birthday we have spent together, yet there are so many more to look forward to. You deserve the world and I hope throughout our life, I can make you feel as special as you deserve. Even though the kids can't recognize it now, they have a one in a million mom and will be able to look towards you for advice, love and compassion. You are shaping our children to be Godly and follower's of Jesus, and that is the best thing in the world. To so many others, you are the creative genius behind so many parties, invitations, gifts, etc. because the list goes on. However, at home you are the best mom, and most beautiful and caring wife. You are everything I could have asked for in a wife: beautiful, kind, generous, feisty, forgiven, Jesus lover, compassionate. You overlook my shortcomings and help me to be a better husband.

On this 30th birthday, you have so many people thinking about you, because they think you are as great as I do. You are loved by so many people and I hope you realize how special you are. You are the sunshine of my day and what I look forward to everyday I wake up and when I come home from work. While this birthday is a big one, being in a new decade and all, it is just one year more we have grown together as a union and as a family. I'm so excited for our future together and the continuing journey of our family of 6. You are loved so much on this special day and will continued to be loved.

Happy Birthday!

Your Husband

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