Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and my 30th Birthday......Saturday

Having a spring birthday it is inevitable that I have Easter birthdays like every 15 years or something. Preston will land on Easter probably in 5 years or so. Who decides when Easter is anyway and why can't it just always be the first Sunday in April.....who knows!

Ok, I am only posting about Saturday today....too many pictures!!!!

I woke up to this........

I am a lucky girl!!!!

Before we did anything we got dressed and painted our Easter eggs.


We spent the day shopping at the mall and eating at the mall.

Then we stopped at Billy Vanilly for my "cake"!!!
And I really did eat most of these!!! Oh, well!
 My sweet friend Kim had this waiting for me when I got home!!! And yes, I ate all that too! I did share though!
 Our Church had a special Easter celebration so we went to that and we made crafts and played games then had an Easter egg hunt!

Right after we went out for a Birthday dinner at Kiku's
Someone was not so happy!

And this was only Saturday!!!! Easter and my birthday are all for tomorrow!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you! Your kids looks so cute

  2. What a beautiful day for a beautiful young woman. We love you more than words can begin to are all and so much more than we ever had dreamed. We wish you a year full of love and joy and the continued fullfilness of having Christ as the center of all you do.