Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Preston is 5!!!

My little boy is FIVE!!!! I can hardly believe it. For someone reason 5 is a big one and really seems to be a milestone!!! I am blessed to have five years with him and look forward to more, but he's not a baby anymore........sad face!

We had a fun day of celebrating. When he woke up he had a room full of balloons!
 I had some things of his set up on the table and made him some of his favorite things for breakfast1

 He even got to open a couple presents. He got a baseball bat and some cute clothes! Guess which he was excited about!
  For his school snack I made hamburgers and french fries!
 No they aren't really hamburgers! I made them from cupcakes and the fries are sugar cookies!

This is something I bought for my birthday. It made the trip to school super easy!

 This was Preston as they were singing to him.....so shy!!!
 but HAPPY!

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner that night. It was a wonderful day!!!

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