Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter and my 30th Birthday.......Sunday


This year we had a beautiful Easter, the weather was great, our church service was wonderful and I can see things start to click in Taylynn and Preston's mind about who Jesus is and the price He paid for us.

Lets start at the top of the morning....

The Easter bunny came.

We had plans to go to a really nice place for brunch Easter, but when it came down to it, taking four children to a really nice place for brunch didn't sound really nice to me. It's something Aaron and I will need to try on our own sometime.

So I chose to go to Spangles and just have a fast sit down breakfast that I didn't have to cook, it was nice! 

Off to church...

When we got home Aaron's mom came over while everyone had quite time and Aaron and I went to lunch at Qdoba. That was my birthday pick! I could eat there everyday!!!

After lunch we came home and filled what seemed like hundreds of eggs for the hunt then we had to hide all those eggs, but it was worth it!

For dinner Janice took us to Outback, it was nice to sit and relax!!!

It was a fun fun day and lots of memories made!

I decided to give you all the pictures at once and not divide them up, so here you go!!!

I didn't have any pictures from dinner and I could hardly get any of Taylynn and Preston during the egg hunt...they were sooo fast!!

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