Friday, April 27, 2012

Piece of my day

Today Preston had preschool screening for a possible future preschool. Well, the screening didn't go well at all. He only has to be average, they are just checking to make sure the children don't have any physical or learning disabilities. Preston passed in hearing and vision, but he wouldn't do anything else. I take that back he did draw a circle and an x, but that is it. He needed to build a tower, bridge, jump over a line, draw a person etc. He CAN do it all.
 I was that mom on the sidelines wanting to tell him what to do, but I held back. I watched him bow his head and be silent. I did cheer him on once in a while, but I let the teacher do most of it. I won't be there when he is in school, I can only cheer him on when I am with him and pray for him when I am not.
I was upset because this is a free preschool and I feel like we lost our chance. I told him I was disappointed. I am still disappointed, but now not so much at him, more me. Part of Preston's personality is his shyness and it's a part of him that I love! Who knows this might be part of his gift from God and I told him I was disappointed :(
We all live and learn, I am thankful to have the Holy Spirit to help me realize when I am wrong. I can only grow from here.


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  1. Aww, bummer, Caroline! I don't have a preschooler, but I totally know the feeling about being disappointed when you KNOW they can do something, and then don't. You have such a gracious outlook on it now. Thanks for being real and vulnerable -- it's refreshing to read!